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All These Years by -Bev-

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-Bev- 108 (harmony)


All These Years


Sawyer Brown


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-Bev-LEVEL 108

Recording information by -Bev-SNAP-STAR

R.I.P His Royal Highness Prince Philip the Duke Of Edinburgh sadly passed away recently


I chose this gender bender because its such a lovely song and I hope you enjoy my rendition....I guess you could relate this to life and how sometimes when things go wrong we have more to lose in relationships than we realise...although some relationships are just not worth salvaging or cant be...I know been there...

Welcome To My Studio!

nursenessaLEVEL 57

Comment by nursenessa

nursenessaLEVEL 57

Comment by nursenessa


Comment by Steve1492

telecaster1jLEVEL 53

Comment by telecaster1j

Such a beautiful voice. The Good Lord was good to you. I really enjoy listening to your rendition of this beautiful song. Exceptionaly great harmony. Catch those stars!!! *****************
There flyin big time for you.

Karens_MusicLEVEL 101

Comment by Karens_MusicGOLD

Choose whatever song you like .. and have fun singing it ! Smile life is beautiful :)

I always love listening to you Bev no matter what you sing it always turns out special ! lovely !!!


scarletwitch36LEVEL 98

Comment by scarletwitch36GOLD

Hi Bev a brilliant sing from you, simply gorgeous. I enjoyed it very much.


Comment by DavidDKGOLD

-Tas-LEVEL 71

Comment by -Tas-GOLD

Shoot for the stars

scrambled genres

thank you for your round 3 entry...your song has been heard

Singing4fun84LEVEL 58

Comment by Singing4fun84GOLD

Pretty background and very good sing on this song! Happy day to you!


Comment by Music_Lover_1934GOLD

I am so glad you chose this one Bev...

Fantastic vocal performance!!! bravo sweet girl.. Great harmonies!!

Good luck to you....Tilllie

Ferry36LEVEL 52

Comment by Ferry36GOLD

great redition of this song glad you picked this song..... find the ***** comming your way

XtineLEVEL 70

Comment by XtinePATRON

Taking a break from Singsnap. Happy New Year everyone!

Hi Bev. Country's not my favourite genre but maybe that's just because I don't know many country songs! So it won't come as a surprise when I say, I don't know this one but I do know that you sing it beautifully and your harmony is so lovely! A great job my friend :0) GL ******* Hugs Christine


Comment by Rickles1972

ohhhhhhh loving this my friend! great song choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woot woot glad im here *singing along* im keepin it quiet you sound amazing! woot woot :)~ ********************************* glad im here!!! happy holidays to you and yours!!! its getting close! santa is coming! to town! woot woot LMAO im like a little kid! this sounded wonderful! hugs and lots of smiles!!! woot woot :)~

rickles! :)~


Comment by FrankCNYGOLD

Yeah Baby, where have you been all these years!! LOL another hit by you, totally loved this.

YunkaldonkLEVEL 25

Comment by YunkaldonkGOLD

Sweet sing!