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Mon Credo by Dannie777

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Dannie777 15


Mon Credo


Mireille Mathieu




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Dannie777LEVEL 15

Recording information by Dannie777GOLD

Hello Everyone, it's been a while! I am dedicating this song for my beloved Mother who is in heaven and who really loved this song by Mireille Mathieu. I got very emotional at the end but I made it through somehow. Hope you enjoy it sung in my native language.

RinoLEVEL 22

Comment by Rino

Nice dedication for you Mom. Very pretty.

greeneyes56LEVEL 89

Comment by greeneyes56SNAP-STAR

Stay safe!

Ran into this song just now and went to look who sung you did a fantastic sing Danielle....really love it.
A wonderful dedication for your mom...!

cladnar5LEVEL 81

Comment by cladnar5GOLD

I am so excited to see you singing I was going to go crazy and all then I read you comment and was then saddened. So I'll just go crazy inside and with silence but it aint gonna stop me from enjoying this. And let me tell you, this is awesome. And I even actually understand every word you sing. Which is more than what I understand from Slim. What a treat to hear you again.

cladnar5LEVEL 81

Comment by cladnar5GOLD

I"m on my second listen. I sure like your language. OK, I lied. I really no idea what you are saying, but it sure is romantic. You can speak French to me anytime.

patchLEVEL 51

Comment by patchGOLD

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