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What It Takes by CrystolWPsalms891

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CrystolWPsalms891 62


What It Takes






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CrystolWPsalms891LEVEL 62

Recording information by CrystolWPsalms891

THis was just for fun! No One can sing this like Steven Tyler! And especially not me!! But it is one of my favorite songs ever and I just had to sing it! It was fun at least to try! LOL!!

wokka1LEVEL 102

Comment by wokka1GOLD

sorry I just have to hear you doing Aerosmith....OMG this will be fun

wokka1LEVEL 102

Comment by wokka1GOLD

LOL you didn't sing Guitar..... like I woulda

wokka1LEVEL 102

Comment by wokka1GOLD

this is so good I can see you with the long scarfs draping around the mic's L OL

wokka1LEVEL 102

Comment by wokka1GOLD

love hearing you scream.....just saying....j/k

luvs ya good to see ya back here when you can!!

CrystolWPsalms891LEVEL 62

Comment by CrystolWPsalms891

Hahaha! This was a fun one for sure! I don't see how it could be called "good" but I love the song and had to sing it even if it is out of my wheelhouse! Thanks for listening and having fun too!

bamagirl7812LEVEL 63

Comment by bamagirl7812GOLD

Stopped by for a listen, and enjoyed it God Bless my friend ...