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I Just Can't Stop Loving You by reasnforbreathn

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reasnforbreathn 9


I Just Can't Stop Loving You


Michael Jackson




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reasnforbreathnLEVEL 9

Recording information by reasnforbreathn

This is my first time to be singing again (for public listening) after my voice was severely affected by black mold poisoning a few months ago... and first time to be back on SingSnap again since April. It's obvious that I was still struggling to hit the high notes and to catch my breath, but just to be able to sing again is a tremendous blessing that now more than ever, I learn to appreciate. I hope my voice returns to its normal sound very soon. Thank y'all for listening nonetheless. Have a great week!


Comment by MsRedd

Beautiful voice.........glad to hear your performance...
Keep singing and you'll get stronger every day....
Flaggin u


reasnforbreathnLEVEL 9

Comment by reasnforbreathn

Thank you, Redd.

dihiflyerLEVEL 39

Comment by dihiflyer

Myla, Myla, Myla!!! How are girlie?!!! it is so wonderful to listen to you sing. You have always had the voice of an angel and it hasn't changed. Forgive me for not knowing about your illness. So glad it didn't affect you more. This is gorgeous!! Hope life is good now. you are really a super talent! loved this....hugs, di

reasnforbreathnLEVEL 9

Comment by reasnforbreathn

Hi, Di! Thank you so much for listening and it's so wonderful to see you again here on SS! I've missed you and Steve...totally!!!