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Lips Of A Bottle by Burkjr

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Burkjr 78


Lips Of A Bottle


Blaine Larsen & Gretchen Wilson


5 Duets


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BurkjrLEVEL 78

Recording information by BurkjrGOLD

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED learning this song! : )

RachelRae8LEVEL 111

Comment by RachelRae8SNAP-STAR

..and the winning take IS!!

How many takes did we do anyway?

RachelRae8LEVEL 111

Comment by RachelRae8SNAP-STAR

..and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED learnin' this song and singin' it with ya my friend!


Comment by tweetythetwexanGOLD

you did a superfantstic sing on this
dang this is good!!!!


Comment by Pa5510n4mu51cGOLD

It's been great feeling the warmer weather these past few days! ????

Just listened to LOVELY Rachel's duet with you Rob! You both sound MARVELOUS!
Had to swing by and show some love your way too! Gorgeous sing on your part! IT!


Comment by -ErinBlue-GOLD

I can't make this place work. Need a new place to sing.. tootles

my word, Rob...this is fantastic!

countryfan1959LEVEL 65

Comment by countryfan1959GOLD

Hey Rob, Thanks for a new song to learn!! You sound sooo fantastic. This is a great key for you! And Rachel...I too lost count on the number of takes it took me to get it to where it is!

Hope you like the way it turned out!


Comment by mammaGOLD

Now that's just what I gotta do....learn some new songs!!! lol

This is a new one for me......

Very nice on your part you learned it to perfection!!! Gonna listen to it finished now

CaliRockinLEVEL 21

Comment by CaliRockin

You ever sing 'Don't Know Much' Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville?

love your voice ...enjoying your stuidio


Comment by lilcrackerGOLD

Hi Rob Way to sing it!!!!! You sounded fabulous!.....but that’s a given!!! Great one for me too!!!! You aced it!!!!

Excellent on your part!

IT ~Anita`