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Uber Den Wolken by jaybeacham

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jaybeacham 59


Uber Den Wolken


Reinhard Mey




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jaybeachamLEVEL 59

Recording information by jaybeachamGOLD

Well the pronunciation isn't right on some of the words but...
this will have to do.
The singer is telling about what's happening at the airport, noise of the motors,
rain, rain puddles with gasoline shining on top and clouds mirrored in them, getting drenched, the smell of coffee coming from somewhere, and he would have liked to have gone flying too.
But the best part is the chorus.
General meaning is:
Over the clouds must be boundless freedom. They say that fears and worries are left hidden below and that all the things that we think are so big and important are suddenly nothing and small.


Comment by Butterfly2604GOLD

Super gesungen Jay - prima!
Hugs Marina!**************


Comment by brenda-aGOLD

Hi Jay, listening..neat that you translated it for us...


Comment by brenda-aGOLD

your voice is gorgeous, stunning too...


Comment by brenda-aGOLD

pretty melody.Your vocals makes this song..


Comment by brenda-aGOLD

Outstanding!!I hear that plane take off.God bless my friend, hugs, Brenda

smiley_SmilerLEVEL 27

Comment by smiley_Smiler

Wowsers !!!!
That was fantastic Jay!!!!!!!!
Encore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

smiley_SmilerLEVEL 27

Comment by smiley_Smiler

Listening again .....

weieastLEVEL 102

Comment by weieastGOLD

Feeling very happy and thankful....We will get thru this....Love and peace...

I wouldn't know if you sang them wrong with the pronunciation but I do know you sang this wonderful to me.....sounding great the tune.....:) enjoyed my friend....Susan:) Sometimes people think the grass is greener....I'd like to be on some plane taking off somewhere neat......:)

greeneyes56LEVEL 89

Comment by greeneyes56SNAP-STAR

Did 2 songs today. This place is'nt as social as it used to be, think it's time to leave. Stay safe!

Your German sounds great to me Jay...never heard this song before....well done!

HerzipinkiLEVEL 49

Comment by HerzipinkiGOLD

hello my friend jay, i`m here listening this german song!!! :-))

HerzipinkiLEVEL 49

Comment by HerzipinkiGOLD

this is a super song and you mastered it so beautifully
i like it very much ray.... powerful and emotional!!!
ich liebe deinen akzent

hugs and smiles your german-friend sigrid

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Comment by NeutrongirlGOLD


WUNDERWAR! sehr scheoooon gesungen
ich liebe es

5 stern