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Lil' Red Riding Hood by ericdalton2015

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Lil' Red Riding Hood


Sam The Sham and The Pharaohs




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Recording information by ericdalton2015

hope you like the dog trio and me and Eric!!


DawnNeptuneLEVEL 96

Comment by DawnNeptuneGOLD

At times, I fit into lyrics more then I fit into life!

Awe father and son... Dalton you are just awesome little man... and ohhh your dog wanted to get in on the action... awesome. Eric.. you are such a great dad... I loved this from both of you!!!! Okay all three of you... cant leave out the adorable lil dogs

-lottie-LEVEL 55

Comment by -lottie-GOLD

Hi Eric and Dalton...and Loving this......a perfect team!!!

-lottie-LEVEL 55

Comment by -lottie-GOLD

Dog was "singing" the lion's share at the end, wasn't he? Lol....he's not going to let a wolf get you guys!!!

-lottie-LEVEL 55

Comment by -lottie-GOLD

ABSOLUTELY A FANTASTIC PERFORMANCE!!! HUGE BUNCHES OF ******************************************'S FOR SURE!!! Lottie

-lottie-LEVEL 55

Comment by -lottie-GOLD

On a more serious note.....glad to see that you all survived the storm!!! Did you have a lot of water to deal with? These storms can be pretty scary at many things can go wrong.....

sissy06LEVEL 62

Comment by sissy06GOLD

My name is Carolyn and Married to George (ss name SaddleBum) we have four children all grown.

Eric you did amazing with Dalton you both sound fabulous together. I certainly enjoyed listening to you guys singing this STS song tonight this was really wonderful my friends. Your dogs likes this song too it seems. Carolyn #3


Comment by JeannieMagicGOLD heart...I had a beagle dog and he would howl with me ..had to put him down last Christmas age 17

_________________ Loving this awesome famiiy entertainment.....

You both sound so nice together..LOL and the dogs...are really into the song too hehe..

Love love this



Comment by JeannieMagicGOLD

Eric and really do sound so wonderful together..!

My cats are getting excited haha...they freak out when I whistle!

SaddleBumLEVEL 52

Comment by SaddleBumGOLD

Great job here Eric & Dalton (& dogs), Absolutely loved this scary song, You guys did great! #5, Great to see father & son singing together! You guys have a wonderful Sunday way down there! Catch ya later buddy! ~George~


Comment by southern_girl1968

My Daddy used to sing this a lot! All of you did great!!!

CaptDan42LEVEL 82

Comment by CaptDan42PATRON

Eric, this is super and your backups are fantastic.
I really enjoyed this and y'all put big smile on
my face and in my heart.
Great job.
# 7



Quite the "Quartet" ya got goin on there Eric!!.......Very ENJOYABLE LISTEN my friends!!!!!!!



Well I don't think you could have bought 2 better partners to help ya sing this Eric
that was awesome.....made a fun listen for sure....
and that dog had the perfect timing

gypsyleeLEVEL 29

Comment by gypsylee

Hi Son and Grandson and of course the DOGS!!!!!

Awesome sing on this song. Willy you were great buddy********perfect timing
I really enjoyed listening and watching this one.

Love Mom, & Grannie

lynn266LEVEL 35

Comment by lynn266

This is such a Treat not a Trick to listen to Father and Son and Dog LOL Lovin this.... LOL Happy Halloween to you! enjoyed this!!!

SS Friend, Lynn

stillpickinandgrininLEVEL 37

Comment by stillpickinandgrinin

this brings back some great memories. one of the first songs i learned to play in my first band when i was 15 was this song. both of you sound great. thanks for memories.

stillpickinandgrininLEVEL 37

Comment by stillpickinandgrinin

i was typing and missed your big bad wolfs coming in until they howled. that was fun and funny.

yellowRose2013LEVEL 72

Comment by yellowRose2013GOLD

Wow... Two big bad wolves for the price of one.. OOps I mean four.. five?? lol
The dogs are looking at ya'all like your nuts.. OHHH they're howeling now.. lol... Great Halloween post.. Rose