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Love And Understanding by Waterbird

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Waterbird 102


Love And Understanding






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WaterbirdLEVEL 102

Recording information by WaterbirdGOLD

What Is In A Name ….

For many years i was involved in the First Nations movement…
And because for some reason ancient sacred things like stone bowls…
That were carved before there was any tools to do such thing….
Chief objects that were used in Sacred Ceremonies….
Such as Blankets… Clam Shell Rattles… Grizzly Bear Claw Crown Head Dresses …
Eagle Head dresses… ancient baskets … rattles… jewellery and Rare Beadwork items that
Were only used by the Chiefs and their families would somehow make their way
To an Auction Company that I helped establish…..
Our goal was to see that many of these items when they came into our possession….
Would be placed and brought back to the people in which they came from….
As they were referred to and looked upon as “Grandfathers”. Items that were sacred
To their people. I had found that i as I child Growing up was drawn to many things in that culture of people that no one else in my Family even thought of ….such as growing and drying food …. Gathering berries… herbs … Making medicines… Tinctures…. Out of plants that today they call “wildcrafting” in which I still do at my Little place here in Clinton….
Through the years… I have been active in helping the cause of the people … in land rights… and Preserving ancient culture and the ways of the people … and the people would somehow gravitate to what this was which in turn … got them more involved.

The sacred things that have been passed down for generations would come out of their sacredBoxes and be worn and used once again by the people in their traditional dances…. Songs… Around sacred fires…. That would generally start at sundown and last all through the night untilSunrise the next morning….
Well at this ceremony … I brought some gifts for the Medicine Man… as I had learned that this
Was the proper thing to do… when you are invited… in which I gave him a Pendleton Blanket…
An eagle feather… and a couple of silver dollars….. then to my surprise during the ceremony….
The woman I was sitting with was telling me what was happening…. As the Medicine man spoke
In a tongue that I didn’t understand and she told me he was going to give me a name…..
Well I got really excited inside…. As I always felt that something was always missing in me somehow
It is hard to explain ….. but he then gave me the name Waterbird Woman…..
The next morning when everything had ended….. two women came up to me and asked me if
I knew the significance of my name and what it meant…. And I told them that I had no idea….
And then they told me a story….. that long ago the people were mixed up and had lost their way…
In their ways … traditions….. and minds…. And one day a bird came out of the sky and helped
Heal the people…. Bringing them back to their center…. A place of wholeness and peace …. And this
They called “The Waterbird” …. And that a person who has this name has great responsibility towards others….. and is not something to be taken lightly…..

I only hope and pray that I have done the name justice ….. and all people justice since I received this name fifteen years ago…..

Such is my name here on Singsnap…. And because I have two accounts as a result of The Pilgrim’s Progress Musical I did …. the other is wbwoman …. Which means the same thing

Thank you for your visits and listens….
If you leave a comment … I will graciously return them …
Hugs and Blessings ~~waterbird~~

-TinaLEVEL 109

Comment by -TinaSNAP-STAR

Thanks For Joining Us For What Is In A Name? Challenge !!! Tina & Jodi

SingSnap_EventsLEVEL 68

Comment by SingSnap_EventsSPECIAL-EVENTS

Are you Up For The Singsnap Challenge? Well come and join us and have lots of fun!!

Congratulations on being Featured today!
~ Jodi & Tina

EyeoftheEagleLEVEL 103

Comment by EyeoftheEagleSNAP-STAR

Believe in our Country & God Bless Our Service Men & Women & Our Veterans.. Pray for them every day.

Hi Jackie,
Awesome mf,
Luv this,

nightsongsLEVEL 99

Comment by nightsongsGOLD

hello dear Birdie,
oh yahhhh awesome song.
loved your story. it so fits you.
this is beautiful sweet friend.
I am rockin out with you
fabulous singing here.
wonderful song for the Challenge
you are amazing...
loved my listen
hugsss and blessings

TinypumpkinLEVEL 109

Comment by TinypumpkinSNAP-STAR


Wow! Loved how you 'earned' your name and the meaning and significance of it.
You sounded marvelous singing this was simply beautiful.
Great video too and congratulations on being featured.
Have fun in the challenge my friend.
Hugsss & Blessings!


Comment by Brattus

Strong voice!
I like it!

snowdogLEVEL 63

Comment by snowdogGOLD

great job **************Donnie

DangerousCurves63LEVEL 88

Comment by DangerousCurves63GOLD

You sound Awesome.....Great vocals.....nice upbeat song....I really loved this...
Cool nick name too...

button pushed

I loved my visit

Hugs, Sherri


Comment by POPOLOCO54

don't know this song..
you sang it nicely..


marywulsLEVEL 105

Comment by marywulsSNAP-STAR

Have a lovely week everyone

Hello Birdie listening again as I read the story it took a wee while but very interesting,this was an awesome sing of this song you sounded fantastic sweetie,I loved my listen and pushed the it button hugsssss
Hope your day is good hon xx



Good morning Jackie Another Sensational Performance
Looking Great and sounding Terrific God Bless you
My friend God Bless you Hugs Kaye


Comment by Smileyy



Comment by Smileyy



Comment by shybaby109GOLD

Awesome sing MF luv it hugs

amor14344LEVEL 103

Comment by amor14344SNAP-STAR

Love is hope, understanding and contentment. I found that kind of love with JIM. He loves me so much

Hello deary
Listening here..
Splendidly beautiful
I really enjoyed my visit

amor14344LEVEL 103

Comment by amor14344SNAP-STAR

Love is hope, understanding and contentment. I found that kind of love with JIM. He loves me so much

Uber Comments

Since my name means love
I'll leave love on your page
Happy challenge
God bless

DrsWoodardLEVEL 105

Comment by DrsWoodardSNAP-STAR

TGIF My SSF, You Did An Awesome singing on this tune... WTG, you aced it in great style, Thanks for sharing ************* Flung Across The PV Sky headed your way

Listening In Puerto Vallarta


Comment by -Elle-GOLD

I really like this.
You're just so unique as a whole Person, also your Voice!
Thumbs up for this lovely Performance!
Love that Song by Cher!!!

LarryLLEVEL 101

Comment by LarryLSNAP-STAR

What a wonderful name story, Birdie !!!! ... Loved it .... Here listening .....

LarryLLEVEL 101

Comment by LarryLSNAP-STAR

Not familiar with this Cher song, but you sure sang the heck out of it ... Beautiful sing .... ~~~ Hugs ~~~ .... ....... Larry