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motherof8kidsLEVEL 40

Recording information by motherof8kidsGOLD

This is for You Nan (GrannyNan)- You are in our Thoughts and prayers - we all wish you a speedy recovery and hope this brings some joy to you! Hugs, Pam, Tony, and all your friends on Singsnap!

Please feel free to leave a message for Nan and an embedded song so she can click right on it without having to leave the page!

motherof8kidsLEVEL 40

Comment by motherof8kidsGOLD

motherof8kidsLEVEL 40

Comment by motherof8kidsGOLD

augustinLEVEL 28

Comment by augustinGOLD

Thank you Pam for arange this
really love it. Wish you the best Nan ,get well soon.
Hugs. Tom.


Comment by Ol_maxGOLD

Nan we havn't met yet but you better get well real soon cause you don't know what you been missing Sweetie!! All the Best hurry back!!! Max

tony_vLEVEL 48

Comment by tony_vGOLD

pam really did do 98 % of this work i was just a guy that wanted in on it to show my love and our love to you nan ,,, you are one special lady to me and to all of us i love you and pam loves ya ,, you know that ,,,,, hugggsss you

tony & pam
mostly tony lol

cuzvinnyLEVEL 44

Comment by cuzvinny

This was so precious! Love works miracles!!

tony_vLEVEL 48

Comment by tony_vGOLD

im looking for a song to put on her for ya .....

tony_vLEVEL 48

Comment by tony_vGOLD

pamula im listening to one of your songs now ,,,,,, ahhhhhh angels,,,,,,,,,,, my God please touch Granny and make her well ,,, i confess to you Lord im so far away from you but i humbly ask of you the King of Kings to touch her and im gonna ask more touch Pam and myself and our family members tooo..... Thank Jesus

tony_vLEVEL 48

Comment by tony_vGOLD

<embed src="

dont ask me why by this is dedicated for you loll lol

cinderella5840LEVEL 12

Comment by cinderella5840

I came by via Tonyv.This was just awesome guys.This lady makes SS. May God Bless You Nan.You are in my prayers my friend.
Hugs Charlotte

tony_vLEVEL 48

Comment by tony_vGOLD

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Pam and I hope this makes you smile and and get some egg nog from the holidays it may help toooo lllol lol

mickey-leeLEVEL 56

Comment by mickey-leeGOLD

yes this was so outstanding well done on this sound like a pro and very outstanding and wwowow ya got to be in a band ya got be pro 5********************************************* stars to ya from mickey lee

if ya could stop and listen to this if ya get time here's the link

rooster_5LEVEL 50

Comment by rooster_5GOLD

Ahh GrannyNan, seems you have been visited by some caring loving friends, you are in our prayers, God bless,


mickey-leeLEVEL 56

Comment by mickey-leeGOLD

wwwowowowow ya did great on here and nan my prayers with ya to get better from mickey lee

singspeakLEVEL 25

Comment by singspeak

Love you Nan. Don't forget you promised to babysit for me. I'll be keeping an eye on the sky for when you come floating down.

Get well! That's an order!


tangee2LEVEL 79

Comment by tangee2GOLD

all the best granny Nan...keep a smiling ...choice...stan

truxingLEVEL 78

Comment by truxingGOLD

OK Nan here is one for you...

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RattyLEVEL 3

Comment by RattyGOLD

Hello Nan. I see you've been on a recruiting drive and we now have to face more roasting from your assistants do we. Well ,all I can say Nan sweety is that I just hope you get a kick out of making fun out of this old geezer. Ok you do it beautifully and I love it. You are a darling so we need you to get better .Love ya... Les

plothridgeLEVEL 3

Comment by plothridgeGOLD


Comment by BlazeAlbertPATRON

Hi Grannynan we all been missing yah gal!!!!!!!!!!
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