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Keep Your Hands To Yourself by Dallas40

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Dallas40 35


Keep Your Hands To Yourself


Georgia Satellites





Dallas40LEVEL 35

Recording information by Dallas40GOLD

Peer Pressure II Semi-Finals


Comment by oocindylouwhoGOLD

WOOO HOOO I love this song. SING IT, my friend. Loving this performance, Dallas. Sounds fantastic. Makin me chair dance, lol. GOOD LUCK, Hugs, Jan
(Hope you are feeling better).

slyrayLEVEL 37

Comment by slyrayGOLD

good luck this cute tune...sounding good bro...awesome as always***********:)


Comment by HoneyDew007

I love this song !!!!! Good song choice !!!! You are Rawk'n !!


geop110LEVEL 55

Comment by geop110GOLD

Dallas this was wonderful.
I am not really big in the country department, but you really brought this one on. Great job, pitch was great and vocals were excellent :):):):):):)
Oh boy you are all going to make it tough on me lol


Comment by YeahThatMe1012GOLD

Be Good Or Be Good At It!

Yeee Haawwww, Cowboy! I Swear... Your Songs ALWAYS Make Me Wanna Get Up & Dance! That Voice Of Yours, Dallas..
I Just Better Keep My Comments & My Hands To Myself! hehehe GL 2U Sweetie!


Comment by MgSactoGOLD

Hey..... wasn't somebody suppose to be under the weather... having difficulty singing...... and all that stuff.... must have been some other guy named Dallas... loool

Awww man.... if this is when you are feeling poorly... then I will avoid all contests when you are feeling good... Picking it up...... and laying it down..... with a great great sing.....


LesliAnnLEVEL 68

Comment by LesliAnn

This is really good! I am totally enjoyin' my second listen! Good luck to you, MF!

PhilKnoxLEVEL 56

Comment by PhilKnox


Comment by Herman14me

Ya Rocked this good tune...Awesome job...enjoyed...Good Luck!!!

LuvnmyheartLEVEL 67

Comment by LuvnmyheartGOLD

OOOOHHHH YEA DALLAS!!! Sounds awesome! ]
Good luck to ya in the contest...
You DO have an awfully sexy voice!!
Glad to hear you are feeling better. I am still following you guys in the Peer Pressure contest.

Lullabye_LadyLEVEL 52

Comment by Lullabye_LadyGOLD

Hey Dallas! Woot Semi Finals Hun! Awesome!

Just listen to you! This song is so perfect! Wow! You Rocked this one outta da house baby! Woot!

Excellent and best of luck to you! You would have my vote for sure!!!!


-PeachieLEVEL 103

Comment by -PeachieSNAP-STAR

Heya Dallas! Excellent song my friend...I may be partial to it cuz I'm in Georgia but hey, who cares's a great song and you did a great job!!

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Glenns_GirlLEVEL 49

Comment by Glenns_GirlGOLD

Great song choice!!! Have always loved this one!!

One great sing here!! Perfect for ya. good luck

Rono6285qLEVEL 3

Comment by Rono6285q

Another great recording, Dallas! I love your interpretation and rendition of this song-very smooth and exceptional vocals-Ron *****


Comment by oocindylouwhoGOLD

Hi Dallas, Second listen. I love the deep rich tone in your voice. This is just great, my friend. GOOD LUCK again. Hugs, Jan


Comment by MgSactoGOLD

Hey Dallas ....comparing our songs for this round.... and.... yes..... I was dressed better than you..... loool

I'll take what I can get....

rockchic6LEVEL 3

Comment by rockchic6

My daughter won a live karaoke grand final with a high fever that had her seeing stars... when she got on that stage, she became a star.. I tell u this because of reading how sick u are, & then hearing this... u came here to do a job, to sing, & u well & truly succeeded... that was smooth & u have a great cross over voice... u can sing almost any male genre... that was a real pleasure & probably far better than u think... love & light... Mikki


Comment by FrostFosterGOLD



Comment by FrostFosterGOLD



Comment by LKB

Fantastic sing, and great song choice. Perfect song for you, love your deep voice. Really enjoyed listening, Good Luck.