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It Must Have Been Love by ReRee-Nostalgic1

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ReRee-Nostalgic1 73


It Must Have Been Love







Outnumbered321LEVEL 85

Comment by Outnumbered321GOLD

Joan, you always sound so lovely...this is definitely no exception...
A wonderful mix too my friend....beautiful!
I always enjoy my visits
Thank you for sharing your immense talent!

PeggyMoonHicksLEVEL 101

Comment by PeggyMoonHicksGOLD

I’d love singing a lot more if the recorder on this site actually worked!!!

Joan, this is an oldie but goodie, & you've done an INCREDIBLE SING here!!! You've told the story of the song TO PERFECTION, & your vocals are OFF THE CHARTS!!! I LOVE THIS from you, & you've delivered a BRILLIANT PERFORMANCE!!!! Happy New Year!!! HUGS!!!


Comment by Ellie-L59GOLD

Sounding gorgeous my dear friend hugs

CottoncandygalLEVEL 75

Comment by CottoncandygalGOLD +1

Happy SPRING!!!***in 3 weeks!! **Egg hunting soon! (RIP Capt._Boone (Tim); matey!



**********************************stars ready !

Haven't heard in ages this one! ;glad you decided to sing

A real winner!!! Very professionally sounding !

love it ****************************************stars tossed down on stage!

***cc *

lmatt485LEVEL 87

Comment by lmatt485PATRON

You pick the impossible songs Joan and then go out and sing them Beautifully . Like this . Love it . Ed

Frank2010LEVEL 67

Comment by Frank2010GOLD

Hi Joan

Cool hit tune by Roxette and mu dear your version sounded
quite good to me.

Very lovely execution of this tune Joan.

Happy holidays to you..

Take care sweetheart.

Just_JulzLEVEL 68

Comment by Just_JulzGOLD

Me again, as l am here thought l would listen to another of your wondrous songs. This suits you so well, beautiful performance as usual msf.

Brava Joan this is so sweet.

Love it Julz. X

Johnny6T9LEVEL 78

Comment by Johnny6T9GOLD

Hi Joan!!..What a supersong choice!....fits your voice perfectly!..Great sing my friend!...sounding mighty fine!....Have a great evening my friend!.. Hugsssssssss