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Half Heaven-half Heartache by michaelangel2020

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michaelangel2020 70 & SomeBeach_SomeWhere 64


Half Heaven-half Heartache


Gene Pitney




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michaelangel2020LEVEL 70

Recording information by michaelangel2020GOLD

Thanks Breezy......


Comment by butterscotchGOLD

sounds great together , love it

CottoncandygalLEVEL 75

Comment by CottoncandygalGOLD

(2 new FUNNY songs!; new Gal singer!!)RIP Capt_Boone /matey!

Michael....Oh yes! GP is a good choice here


My Arms are typing this now tosay how much I enjoy this tune from you !!!

Enjoying this super much here!! WONDERFUL duet here!


michaelangel2020LEVEL 70

Comment by michaelangel2020GOLD

Thank you Karen and CC


Comment by NeutrongirlGOLD

wonderfully sung my friend

awesome duet

witch-hazelLEVEL 52

Comment by witch-hazelGOLD

Had forgotten this song and it is a great one. You two did a grat sing..Elaine

michaelangel2020LEVEL 70

Comment by michaelangel2020GOLD

Hi Neut.......... Hi Elane............... Thank you both

SomeBeach_SomeWhereLEVEL 64

Comment by SomeBeach_SomeWhere

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii there Michael ...
<---- Waving at ya & smiling
I was a fixing to go off when I seen you had joined me on this wonderful trip down memory lane with this fabulous Gene Pitney tune
You sound so Amazing ...
Your such a talented singer & such a treasured friend also ...
It's always such a delight to have you honor me in a duet ...
" Thank You "
sooooooooooo very much Micheal ...Your Amazing !:)

Look Out ..You Talented Singing Kentucky angel YOU !!!!
STARS Falling All Around You ..Oh, Yes !!
I Loved This So Much ....Bravo to Us Michael hehe

What a Fabulous Trip Down Memory Lane...Loved It !!!!!
Many Breezy Thank You Hugs Breezing Your Way for This Amazing Duet Michael !
" Have a Beautiful, Blessed Kentucky Day Ok "
Always ..
Your Friend & Fan ...Breezy

michaelangel2020LEVEL 70

Comment by michaelangel2020GOLD

Aw bless you so much Breezy. You were awesome.
I couldn't have done without you my friend.