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Lil' Red Riding Hood by Rich66_

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Rich66_ 71


Lil' Red Riding Hood


Sam The Sham and The Pharaohs




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Comment by Irish_Rose75

you sneaky wolf it...hugs ~Anna

merlesthemanLEVEL 62

Comment by merlesthemanPATRON

The old ticker ain't ticking like it used to tick......prayers please. go to doc on monday.

hello rich, I always knew you were a wolf in sheeps clothing......
sam the sham move has got this..........
loving every word of this my friend.....thanx for sharing.....


Comment by Barblynn42GOLD

Good morning Rich. I have always liked this song, and you howl just like a big bad wolf...hahahahahaha i mean baaaaaaa lol great sing

melladyLEVEL 78

Comment by melladyGOLD

Happy New Year Sing Snap! Welcome 2021!

GM Rich~~~ This is a cool song and a new one for me Love your howl LOL
Great singing ~~Loved it my friend Baaaa LOL so cute LOL


Comment by DinalydiaGOLD

Fun song! Terrific rendition! Howl on!
My hubby sings this at the karaoke bar wearing a big red foam wolf head. Always a hit.


Comment by --FireFly76--

Realize.... with Nick ??

Hi Rich,

Great song here....

You sang this perfectly my friend....this is so much fun!

Awesome vocals and you howl like a pro

Nicely done!


JohnTexasLEVEL 76

Comment by JohnTexasGOLD

Daily Song Silent Night

Hi Rich
yeah this is another fun one, oh yeah this was amazing, loved how you sang this, too cool, you make a great wolf, have a great day
John lol great Baaaa

t2closeLEVEL 64

Comment by t2close

Awwww Man this is definitely a blast from the past, you got the Wolf down Rich, Baaaahd, Baaaahd, high 55555's to ya.

TeachersruleLEVEL 84

Comment by TeachersruleGOLD

Hey Rich!!! Is that you behind that wolf mask, LOL??? I love this song, have sung it a handful of times now!!!! You sure are sounding good wolfie, LOL!! Awesome performance Rich!!!! Have a good one!!!******Hugs, Pat

lloyd_63LEVEL 58

Comment by lloyd_63GOLD

Another fave! This one is so much fun to sing--and tricky, too! You did a faaaantastic job on it, Rich! (But of course!) Got me howlin' along with ya!

TraciLee123LEVEL 43

Comment by TraciLee123

Fantastic!!! Loving this fun song. Great song for the season as well.

littleevaLEVEL 91

Comment by littleevaGOLD

Good Evening Rich....................OHHHHH NOOOOOO Its the big bad wolf
HELPPPPPP ME LOL So remember this one this is spot on Rich***********
You really have that WOLF CALL PERFECTED**********************
Loved this one much***********************
LIB #8

sisseyy20LEVEL 77

Comment by sisseyy20GOLD

~Oh...I am totally getting ready for Halloween, now!
I agree with Mrs. Eva-you got that there, *wolf-call* perfected!-
Great job my friend!
LIB and (((Hugs))) for you! ~

Bill_WolfsongLEVEL 83

Comment by Bill_WolfsongGOLD

Should be me singing this lol!! But you do it better..great job Rich

GeorgeGrantLEVEL 75

Comment by GeorgeGrantGOLD

Go on wit' yo' bad self, Rich. You sound very convincing on this, my friend! Enjoyed my listen & LIB #11 is for you.


Comment by -LadySunshine-GOLD

I don't respond to unsolicited messages from men, I'm only here to sing! Thank you!

Too cute, loved it Rich