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Cyber Bully By Ruby & The SSHB by rkingkaraoke

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rkingkaraoke 98 (harmony)


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Cyber Bully By Ruby & The SSHB




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rkingkaraokeLEVEL 98

Recording information by rkingkaraokeSNAP-STAR

3-22-19 Bringing this song forward to re-feature in the Fav Fav Award Show

Oct. 9, 2018
SS MAD Awards Vol 1 Stomp Out Bullying... An Original Song I wrote
for my Hostess Contribution Song. Ty For Listening.

Cyber Bully
By Ruby & The SS House Band
Released on 10-09-18

Vs 1
Sitting At home all by yourself
Hiding behind your pretty screen
You act all sweet, til I turn my back
Then you say mean things about me
All your Wi-Fi lies are spreading like fire
As you try to burn me out
You must be pretty ugly inside
Typing those insults out

You'll never look good trying to make me look bad
And your words have no power over me
Ugly starts with "U"...
And Awesome ends with "ME"

Chorus 1
Cyber Bully ... Bring it on... Cyber Bully ...

Vs 2
Is your brain hardwired for cyber attacks
Does it make you feel better for all that you lack
Do you read out loud what your texting about
Do you taste your words before you spit them out
Does tying angry words leave your fingers sore
Would you say them to my face if I was at your door
You can hide behind your pretty screen
But I see you & you're looking pretty mean

You'll Never look good trying to make me look bad
And your words have no power over me
Ugly starts with "U"
And Awesome ends with "ME"

Chorus 2
Cyber Bully... Bring it on
Cyber Bully... I'll prove you wrong
Cyber Bully... I'll arise above you... Cyber Bully

Vs 3
Healthy minds don't speak ill of others
Healthy hearts want to love one another
If you loved yourself, you wouldn't hurt others
But you hate yourself, So you make others suffer
You can't bring me down now, 'cause I'm above, you
& In your dreams I'll be haunting you
Without me ... What will you do?
Bully someone else until they die to?

You'll never look good trying to make me look bad
& your words have no power over me
Ugly starts with "U"...
& Awesome ends with "ME"

Guitar Intro
Cyber Bully ...
You Inspired this song...

Guitar solo


Cyber Bully... I may be gone
Cyber Bully... My song lives on
Cyber Bully... I'll rise above you
Cyber Bully... You got my blood on you, now...
Cyber Bully

On a side note...
I really had wanted a more positive song...
but I lost my positive video...
& couldn't find ANYTHING similar...
It was all about death!

So I had to think outside the box.
Thats when I decided to write a song ...
as a tribute to some that did get bullied to death
Putting the cold hard truth out there...
that bullying does attribute to suicide... death... & in a sense ...
Does cause the bully to become a murderer.

Before the victim in my song kills them self...
they write a song about the bully...
telling the world about them...
A song that will live on & bring awareness to bullying...

The victim in my song does sadly kill them self...
but they also rise above the bully...
physically & literally... in their dreams...
haunting the bully... for the rest of the bullies life!

Moral of the story...
Bullies Beware...
"The People You Bully Today...
May Become Your Nightmare Tonight!"

I wrote that quote above.
It was the inspiration & premise...
Of my storytelling song here.
Yeah... Its The Dark, Sad, Scary, Truth.
Hopefully, It will make bullies think about their behavior.
And the affects that their actions will have...
Not only on their victims... but on themselves as well.

Lyrics & Melody Written By Ruby King'
Instrumental Track Written & Performed By The SingSnap House Band
Vocal Tracks... Lead & All Harmonies Performed By Ruby King

©2018 All Rights Reserved.
Copyright under my legal name.
Reproduction of any part or all of these lyrics is prohibited.
They may not be copied, changed or redistributed.

Page design by Mar

Video is compliments of youtube & is not for financial gain...
It is used here as an Anti Bullying Awareness video...
& to bring tribute to children who were bullied to death.

If you know anyone, or you suspect anyone is a victim of Bullying...
Or know someone who is struggling with anger & depression...
There are places & people that can help.
Here is one of many sites you can turn for help

My Bonus Song
Perfect by Pink

Thanks for listening.
All comments are valued & appreciated... as are you! Ruby



Wow, Ruby..........
Every aspect of this song was so well-thought out by you.
This needs to be used by schools and websites to increase awareness.
The video obviously makes the difficulty of this issue so much more real, and the facts
are in our faces.
And it's disturbing to say the least, which is the point. Stir things up. Get things changing.

The whole thing from start to end is excellent.

Rabid_ParrotLEVEL 78

Comment by Rabid_Parrot

Trying to sync with the precision of a drunk pigeon

Awesome theme! I really like how you took up this mantle - cyber bullying is something that happens so quickly and has so many complications, from the anonymity to the mob mentality, to the silent victims as well as the reach of the bullying - from social media to direct messages

starsearchLEVEL 107

Comment by starsearchGOLD

Hello Snappers! Keep the great music alive! Sing! Sing! Sing!

Super write Ruby! Loved the way you took these lyrics and the music making your point. Very creative and expressive! I enjoyed listening!

Brianw7117LEVEL 74

Comment by Brianw7117GOLD

Dang , Ruby This is fantastic, You created a master piece here...
Wow I am so taken back how good this is... The little self harmony and echoish reverb..
These lyrics were powerful, Standing Ovation my friend... You slammed this one right up to the top, Way to set that bar high for us junior writers.. Slapped that Love Button..
Loved and enjoyed my listen.. Thank you for the inspirational pick me up Drive ...
Your friend always.


jc4uLEVEL 105

Comment by jc4uSNAP-STAR

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart- lean not on your own understanding." Proverbs 3:5 Blessings

Hi, Ruby, You certainly captured the essence of this horrible practice - great lyrics and
wonderful performance - Fabulous - loved this! Blessings, Joyce

DabrinaLEVEL 95

Comment by Dabrina

This is freakin awesome love it Ruby awesome words and sing loved it from the very first note to last girl !:) I would love it but I'm on my I phone and it won't let me I will as soon as I'm back on computer great job girl !!:)

DabrinaLEVEL 95

Comment by Dabrina

Great slide show and page too !:) I was like singing along with it nice hook too!:)

DabrinaLEVEL 95

Comment by Dabrina

Love the part ugly starts with U and awesome ends with me !!:) great lyrics !!!

Retama14LEVEL 66

Comment by Retama14GOLD

Wow....was that ever a well written and powerful song you wrote. That is the way cyber bullies should be handled......victims of cyber bullying should take the words of the chorus you wrote to heart......and use them to combat those people. Just a sensational are a very talented song writer to say the least. Loved every morsel of this one!!

jaderottie63LEVEL 88

Comment by jaderottie63GOLD

Whoa Ruby This is amazing Girl LUVIN THIS
Awesome write and sing Loved the whole package Cool message
since a lot of things are going on online now ! Mint Song Start to Finish


Comment by DinalydiaGOLD

Another MASTERPIECE, Ruby!! I'm stunned!
I love the strength of the bully's target refusing to bend to the attacks. A super change from the victim role.
A very modern point of view and backing music appropriate to the topic of cyber-bully, an identity which didn't exist before the Internet.
This could really inspire someone's who scared and demoralized by such attacks.


Comment by ImaChristian2GOLD

Time to shed my winter fat and show off my spring rolls. LOL!

Here to hear! And read!


Comment by ImaChristian2GOLD

Time to shed my winter fat and show off my spring rolls. LOL!

This is awesome Ruby! What a clever idea you had here! This targets bullies in such a way, the message is loud and clear! Great write too! I'm sure this will benefit anyone who may have been reluctant to express their feelings, due to some bully! Its has such an empowering message! This song makes it clear that a bit of courage is all we need to activate our inner strength, and once we realize just how much we hold, no one will be able to control our emotions! Love your vocals here, nice and strong and added kick in all the right places! Hittin your LIB!


Comment by ImaChristian2GOLD

Time to shed my winter fat and show off my spring rolls. LOL!

Have a great contest, Ruby!


Comment by CrimsonGhostGOLD

Now that was amazing Ruby !!! I just wanted to sing along with you !
Cyber bullies beware !!!! Thanks for this opportunity to grow !

Anna-ReaLEVEL 101

Comment by Anna-ReaGOLD

“Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life.”

This is so incredible !!!!

terlew26LEVEL 95

Comment by terlew26GOLD

Guilty Pleasure Challenge~Dream A Little Dream ~

Good Morning Ruby,

Oh, I'm loving the rock track...

Digg'n it!!
Love the harmony...
Awesome lyrics....
Wonderfully Delivered!

terlew26LEVEL 95

Comment by terlew26GOLD

Guilty Pleasure Challenge~Dream A Little Dream ~

Cam pic's breaking

terlew26LEVEL 95

Comment by terlew26GOLD

Guilty Pleasure Challenge~Dream A Little Dream ~

Gorgeous deep vocals...
Amazing vocal talent!

HightonesLEVEL 63

Comment by HightonesGOLD

Awesome hearing you again Ruby , as good as ever
And always the most creative manner on ss
That was a great write
And sing
Loved it , no room for cyber bullying