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Blue Hotel by jimcanovan

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jimcanovan 2


Blue Hotel


Chris Isaak




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jimcanovanLEVEL 2

Recording information by jimcanovanGOLD

chris isaak to me is a genius. i never knew his blue hotel was here. but i will now attemt to visit this classic....


Comment by GilwedGOLD

I'm here! Better late than never!! I see you got a beard going on here, Jim! This is some really good singing you're doing on this great song! I sure enjoyed it! Nice job my friend! 5 golden stars for you across the big lake to you! Gil

jimcanovanLEVEL 2

Comment by jimcanovanGOLD

Thank you buddy!! Yeah the beard is an accident of laziness that...just happened! It will be gone when it gets obnoxious...but for now, it's a novelty; I fickle! But yes, I've wanted to do "Blue Hotel" long I just can't tell you. I saw Chris do the song on Letterman a hundred years ago and Man, it just tipped me right upside down. It moved me like nothing since 1956! ANOTHER one I'm gonna record is Chris', "Wicked Game". God, that guy was AMAZING. He was Elvis & Roy - all rolled into one - a sudden ghost from the past...and maybe a touch of Ricky Nelson too! I'm so happy you enjoyed my scratch version. THANKS AGAIN, Gil!


Comment by joelbud66

Great job on this one JimBro! Can tell you loved it! I've never heard this before! I've done Wicked Game before and the hard part is when you have to hold that long note before the end on the word "I!" Check out the video to Wicked Game on youtube. It was voted number 1 as the Sexiest Video of the year on VH-1, and rightly so. And, it's in B&W. Blue Hotel actually was released as an audio track by another one of those midifiles sites in Australia. Keep up the terrific job JimBro. You've come a long way! BroJoe

jimcanovanLEVEL 2

Comment by jimcanovanGOLD

Thanks Joe, I'm lookin forward to doing WICKED GAME. Used to do it in bars alla time but never RECORDED it! Now I see it's over here and I can't wait!!