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Peter Pan by jerseygirl10

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jerseygirl10 70


Peter Pan


Kelsea Ballerini




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jerseygirl10LEVEL 70

Recording information by jerseygirl10GOLD


Love this song...and this artist..So great to hear some new females coming up like Maren Morris, Kelsea Ballerini and Lauren's about time

Nanner_40LEVEL 32

Comment by Nanner_40

LOVE YOUR AMAZING CONCERT<SUCH A BEAUTIFUL VOICE*****************************************************************************

aqtrcowgirlLEVEL 103

Comment by aqtrcowgirlSNAP-STAR

Have a Safe and Wonderful Year ..Love you all..

Hello sweetie
Yes it is good to have some newer women singers on SS and the radio
Love the new L. Alaina song too
This is a good one and Love listening to you sing it today
Did Great!!! ...Love the song and singing
Have a lot flagged to learn ..just have to make time to sing them
Loved this one and you were perfect
Looking and sounding beautiful as always girl!!
Have a goodun my friend ~hugs~


Comment by bigred210jGOLD

No matter what you sing's stellar!! Sounds amazing as should be on the big stage!! Just sayin'...enjoyed my listen...



Comment by A_TxCowboyGOLD

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!!!!

Hello Mona,,,,your vocals make this song shine
Sounding lovely as always my friend

Mariah1059LEVEL 64

Comment by Mariah1059GOLD

YAY - love this song...beautiful job on this!!!

CheybabyxxLEVEL 111

Comment by CheybabyxxSNAP-STAR

Love Kelsea and this song! Beautiful sing my dear friend!


Comment by DzerPATRON

oh hi


Comment by nyyankee53GOLD

whew Mona, just another awesome sing here between your beauty and your awesome vocals you always entertain with such grace i loved this for sure...*****

Brianw7117LEVEL 74

Comment by Brianw7117GOLD

Hello My sweet friend Mona,
Wow you are sounding strait amazing my dear...
I so love your voice you are such a talent...
This was a radio quality performance...Slapping that Love button
Truly amazing .... Your friend Brian.

BonnieK4506LEVEL 97

Comment by BonnieK4506PATRON

What are the system requirements to run the new 2.0? I went beyond them but people need to know.

This is amazing! It does sound like radio! What a pro sounding sing!

Love this Mona!


sweetsuejustyouLEVEL 85

Comment by sweetsuejustyouGOLD

Planning to do uploads & next contest. Message me if you would like to learn more about the new site

I'm 'lost' ion reverie at your riveting rendition!

joey69LEVEL 50

Comment by joey69

Great performance. Your voice is awesome. Loved it from start to finish.


Comment by Spencer-

Good morning Mona, Listening As always Mona, you are bringing your beautiful vocals and Making it a Lovely Listen .........
You Have that wonderful voice with a country thang Making your songs OUTSTANDING WOW!
hugsNsmiles Spencer Thank You

Dreamer50LEVEL 82

Comment by Dreamer50GOLD

Hi Mona!
Listening here!

You always look so beautiful girl!

Dreamer50LEVEL 82

Comment by Dreamer50GOLD

OH YEAH!!!!!

I knew this was gonna be a perfect song for you, Darlin'!
I'm always super entertained lisnin' to you sing, girl!!!
Absolutely beautiful!


zabemoLEVEL 76

Comment by zabemoPATRON

Not enchanted with the new site. Miss the old site.

Girl you are crazy amazing!! e

alanhack46LEVEL 92

Comment by alanhack46SNAP-STAR

What an excellent performance, sounding totally professional, loved my listen here

Seldy-ShellyLEVEL 71

Comment by Seldy-ShellyGOLD

I haven't heard this but once on the radio, but YOU sound like you yourself should be on the radio!!!
Excellent performance, Mona!!!!
Loved it!!


mustangcurtLEVEL 57

Comment by mustangcurtGOLD

This is a new one to me too but your acein this girl. I don't detect a problems here just watch out for Tinkerbell. Great job.

Just_SherryLEVEL 89

Comment by Just_SherryPATRON

I AM NOT GIVING UP.... I AM NOT GIVING UP!!!! Beta I am gonna get you yet!!!

Hello My Beautiful friend.... you sound awesome on this song ~ You sure are one awesome country singer...
Mona you have an angelic voice