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Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams) by CaptDan42

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CaptDan42 82


Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams)


Jessie Belvin




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CaptDan42LEVEL 82

Recording information by CaptDan42PATRON

Q28 Les ~ What'd I say - Ray Charles

yellowRose2013LEVEL 72

Comment by yellowRose2013GOLD

Lovely song and message Dan... Beautiful vocals..
loving it.. Rose

qtkat_2000LEVEL 63

Comment by qtkat_2000GOLD

DejaHereLEVEL 57

Comment by DejaHereGOLD

What'd I say....oh I think it was the right thing! Yes! I wouldn't think of sending you back to your Ma and Pa in Arkansas! Beautiful...smooth.... You have the swoon vib resonating ... strongly. You are in the higher register and so comfortable flowing along with ease. This is dream music... Relaxed and simply divine! Thank you Dan. Whew!

Crooner1LEVEL 69

Comment by Crooner1GOLD +2

GBY..." and always keep a song ?? in your ?? everywhere you go!" M??nty. ...

Howdy Dan! Mighty fine sing friend! I am loving this yea lot's of heart ! Enjoying my listen friend!! Nice song choice! Yea! Nice blending too! Smooth as baby's butt! Great performance! LIB Bravo!

songpainterLEVEL 57

Comment by songpainterGOLD

Missing our dear friend, Qtkat_2000. God grant you the rest you so richly deserve.

Another notch on your singsnap gun!! Such an easy flow! Great performance Dan!,, Dewey


Comment by Ohsusieq2GOLD

Slow dancing along with ya here...smooth as ever...sweeping me off my feet you are. Another hit to add to your list. Loved it!!!! Susie:)


Comment by J1mmymackGOLD

Well Capt', you steered this one in the right direction.

Ohhh, very smooth my friend