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When I Think About Cheatin' by Angel_kisses_49

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Angel_kisses_49 51


When I Think About Cheatin'


Gretchen Wilson




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Angel_kisses_49LEVEL 51

Recording information by Angel_kisses_49GOLD

Dread's Barefoot Country
Semi-Final Round
Thanks for droppin' in!!

Spud1978LEVEL 30

Comment by Spud1978

Great song choice and great sing congrats on makin it to the semis and gl in the rest of the contest.

ladybanditLEVEL 7

Comment by ladybandit

illinois-womanLEVEL 49

Comment by illinois-womanGOLD

very nice sing .....*******************

JippseeLEVEL 14

Comment by JippseeGOLD

hi angel
good song
and excellent sing
sounds gr8 ...
good luck...Jeanne.....

Indy_RosserLEVEL 73

Comment by Indy_RosserPATRON

I am sorry that you've copped more than your fair share of cut and pastes from me! It is just that it worked out that way - by the time I got to your song(s) I was always driving!

EVERY song you've presented so far has been excellent - this being no exception. You really are always on pitch and perfect phrasing (to my ear because seems to me that at LEAST 50% of the chipmonks on these backing tracks are OUT of phase! LOL)

I am not REAL familiar with this song, but listening it is a toughie because it has a few of what I call slide ups which sound excellent when done right and bloody horrible when not executed properly! YOURS are spot on!

CactusRoseLEVEL 13

Comment by CactusRoseGOLD

Thinking About Coming Back !

.........another great job Angel ! I'm not familiar with this artist. She has a word phrasing that's quite out of the performed it effortlessly.....

jeff671LEVEL 32

Comment by jeff671

nice job !!!!!!!!!!!gl

TheCountryPearlLEVEL 57

Comment by TheCountryPearlGOLD

Awesome sing!! Enjoyed my listen very much!! ~earl~


Comment by Dread

gatyamgalLEVEL 63

Comment by gatyamgalGOLD

Great song choice! You handle the low notes and high notes with grace! wtg!

EarthAngel2luv2LEVEL 2

Comment by EarthAngel2luv2

wtggggggggggggggggggggggggg great choice & singing.... Good Luck & Happy Holiday's~~~ Hugs, Earthy