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Black Horse & The Cherry Tree by Becca07

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Becca07 28


Black Horse & The Cherry Tree


K T Tunstall




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Becca07LEVEL 28

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I have NO clue what this song really means, but I love to sing it anyway!! =)


Comment by USAFA74

Lively sing! Thanks.

Ha! Ha! This won't make it completely clear, but here is an excerpt from an interview from the singer-songwriter. Been so many other interpretations, though.

In The Guardian newspaper of February 24, 2006, Tunstall explained: "It's a metaphor for good and evil. One summer, I was traveling in Greece on a little moped and this massive black horse had broken free in an olive grove and was going nuts. It looked apocalyptic: a seed was sown. I wrote the song years later in a tiny studio in Shepherd's Bush. I was about to tour Scottish coffee shops and was worried about coming across like Phoebe from Friends. At the same time I saw a brilliant guy called Son of Dave who looked like a ginger nylon 1980s' Elvis: really raw blues with just voice and effects. I got a pedal and one of my techie friends helped me put myself and my guitar through it. It's probably the most scientific I've been, but the song was written in a 10-minute burst. The lyrics where my 'Heart stops dead' refer to a heart murmur I had as a baby. I got into this fantasy that my heart felt betrayed and had decided to stop working. The song is about having to dig incredibly deep to find out who you wanna be."