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My Funny Valentine by Firenzeray

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Firenzeray 65 (harmony)


My Funny Valentine


Frank Sinatra




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FirenzerayLEVEL 65

Comment by FirenzerayGOLD

The Smooth Sounds of Ray Suave'licious ( Rhymes with Buble')

SingnSallyLEVEL 65

Comment by SingnSallyGOLD

Get out!!! You sing and play the trumpet!? So can I keep you? Awesomely wonderful Sir!!! Bravo!!!


Comment by DaBoo

I think it Ray-Ray myself da double suave'licious. An excellent sing and da trumpet playing was a great add and super treat!!!!



Comment by BarbaraMariaGOLD

oh my...super awesome performance...loveded it...LOL best of luck!


Comment by dhacrazyvoice

Suave it is!!!!:D (Advanced happy valentine's day to! :D)and you play trumpet too!!!
Super Talented!!! Wow, I'm really am glad to be in this place.
This song makes me fall in love again...and again....and...again....:)
Great job indeed! good luck my friend. You really pulled this out.


Comment by Thefemalephantom

Hoping Everyone is Okay and Covid Free

That was beautiful man - really beautiful xxx

That took me back to my childhood. Back then we didn't have TV - we just had a funny little radio that my father had made. Anything outside of that in the way of entertainment we had to create for ourselves. I have always wanted to sing - so as a small child they stood me on the families table, and my father played trumpet.

Those were great times to be reminded of - thank you xxxxx


Comment by BekiGOLD

** knocks Sally outta the way **



Comment by BekiGOLD

I have been watching a TV Show called Treme just recently .. has really got me back into loving the brass!
Now THAT song and your great vocal were the cake, and that trumpet playing was the icing !! Sexy, smooth and juicy !!!

Fantastic !!


Comment by Music_Lover_1934GOLD


Yes............. it was absolutely delicious!!

An outstanding performance to one of my all time favorites..


YOU ! are amazing...

YOur Valentine???...Anytime Ray...Suavé...


Singer4GLEVEL 2

Comment by Singer4G

This is Awesome! Love the trumpet too! I also like how you showed yourself playing it. Sometimes the artists here are so good you might not know what they are adding, unless you know the song well. Awesome!


Comment by Bob-HGOLD

Excellent performance! Nice licks on the horn! hard to see over all these ladies, tho! Great singing and playing!


Comment by LDR

Great performance. smooth. great horn chops. enjoyed. gl

denibeans63LEVEL 36

Comment by denibeans63

i flagged ya for a reason..2 really: we have similar taste in music and 2) you sound great!! love this song


Comment by DebPG13GOLD

What a delicious opening and a fantastic performance!

Good luck,

Retama14LEVEL 66

Comment by Retama14GOLD

Oh yeah!!! You found that trumpet playing buddy of yours again!! He don't look near as good as you, but he sure can play that thang!!!! lol Your voice is in top form on this one my good friend!!! You keep finding ways to top yourself. That was merely SUBLIME!!!!!

fifi47LEVEL 59

Comment by fifi47

great sing mf this was awesome i loved it

JohnnyAngelLEVEL 42

Comment by JohnnyAngel

BRAVO!!!! Lovin' it!!! Johnny Angel

-Emily-LEVEL 69

Comment by -Emily-GOLD

Hello crooner..

-Emily-LEVEL 69

Comment by -Emily-GOLD

wow,!!!!! ma first time to listen to u playing trumpet..

-Emily-LEVEL 69

Comment by -Emily-GOLD

esto es tan hermoso... bravissimo!!!!!
besos un abrazo..