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How To Use Credits For Extra Site Features

SingSnap Credits can be purchased and used for a variety of extra site features and promotional items. This tutorial will cover permanent extra site features. Keep an eye on site announcements to learn about promotional items. Site promotions generally run on a monthly basis and offer different promotional items each month. Check site announcements often to ensure you don't miss new promotions!

Re-Feature A Recording

There have probably been many, many times that you thought you absolutely nailed a song, but for whatever reason, it just didn't get a lot of hits. You see it on the Feature Page again, and you think to yourself that you'd love to be able to get that song back in front of the public. The Re-Feature option will allow you to do that!

How It Works

If you see a song on the daily Featured Songs list, and you know you have a previous recording you'd like to re-feature, find the recording in your Recordings list. Open the song as though you are going to listen to it. Below the song player, look for a button that says "Re-feature this recording". (If the song is not eligible that day, the button will not appear. To be eligible the song must be on the current Featured Songs list.)

Click that button and your recording will be placed onto today's Feature Page as though you have just sung it.

You can also re-feature recordings that others have made. If you see a song on the Featured Songs list, and you know one of your SingSnap friends has recorded a stellar version, you can re-feature that recording by visiting the recording page and clicking the "Re-feature this recording" button, just like you would for one of your own recordings.


Snapicons are icons that can be purchased and delivered to you or your friends to highlight a special moment in your life.

How It Works

Once a Snapicon is purchased and delivered, the icon will appear next to the member's username for seven days. If more than one person delivers a Snapicon there will be a count next to the icon. If you hover over that number, it will display a list of names of those individuals who are also sending along their best wishes! The Snapicon will remain active for seven days from the last Snapicon received.

How Do I Purchase Snapicons?

You can either go to the person's profile page and click on the "Send Snapicon" link there or;

  1. Click on the Purchase Tab
  2. Click on "Snapicons" in the submenu
  3. Enter the Username of the person you'd like to purchase a Snapicon for
  4. Select from the available list of Snapicons*
  5. Enter your payment information
  6. If you want your gift to be anonymous, your name will not be displayed anywhere, including the hover-list.
  7. Press send, and enjoy!

* Each member can only have one Snapicon at any given time. If a member currently has a Snapicon by their name, that will be the only one displayed, available for purchase.