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The SingSnap Site Map

Links to all pages on SingSnap in one convenient location - it's the SingSnap Site Map.

Menu - Watch & Listen
This is where you go to view all recordings on SingSnap.
Menu - Record
Find a song to record and save it to share with the other members on SingSnap.
Menu - Sing
Sing your favorite karaoke tracks without recording or host a karaoke party at home.
Menu - Message Board
Interact with other members, they don't bite (well, most don't anyway).
Menu - Chat
Chat with other members and sing live.
Menu - Help
Use this to find help on a variety of topics and to contact us for help.
  • FAQ & Tutorials - Our help section where you can get answers to common questions, view how-to tutorials for common site tasks and contact us when you need help.
  • Site Map - What you are looking at right now.
  • Service Status - View the current status of our systems and check for any known issues.
  • Song Requests - Request a song that you'd like to see added to the site.
  • Page Designs - Page designs for your profile and recording pages.
  • Contact Us - Contact our support team.
Menu - Promo
This is where you purchase and distribute promotional items (like trinkets and mood usernames).
  • Buy - Purchase current promotional items that you can distribute.
  • Distribute - Distribute current promotional items that you have purchased.
Menu - Gold
Purchase Gold membership for yourself and sponsor others.
Intro Pages
Pages that introduce you to specific site sections and features.
  • Karaoke Party - Take your home parties to a whole new level of fun by hosting a karaoke party.
  • Online Karaoke Competitions - Start taking your singing enjoyment to the next level with our online karaoke competitions.
  • Auto Tune - Auto Tune: Photoshop for music?
Here are some other pages that we weren't smart enough to be able to categorize.