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Member Interactions

There are many ways members can interact here on SingSnap. As with any community online and in the real world, there are people you meet who you will simply not want to communicate with, or who you have troubles with. These tips can help you deal with these situations.


Information about blocking other members.

How do I block or unblock someone?
Members you have blocked will not be able to comment on or use the "Love It" button on your recordings. They also won't be able to send you private messages or sign your guestbook.

Additionally, if you set your recordings to Members Only, blocked members won't be able to access your songs to view or listen.

To block or unblock another member:

  • Click the ACCOUNT button in the navigation bar at the top of the site.
  • Click on Manage Blocks.

To block someone, enter their name in the box and click "BLOCK".

To remove someone from being blocked, click the trash can icon next to their name.

I do not want anyone I block to be able to view my profile and/or recordings
Ordinarily, when you have blocked a member, this blocks them from leaving you comments or sending you PM's. However, in some cases, you may want to take it a step further and block them from viewing your profile and/or recordings completely.

In this case, you would want to change the settings for your profile and/or recordings to "Members Only". For your profile page you would click on the ACCOUNT button in the top navigation bar then on Edit Settings. You'd then click on the Profile Privacy section and change your profile visibility to "Members Only" and click Update. For recordings this is done during saving or editing. On the Sharing option where you would normally select "Public" or "Private" you'd select "Members Only" instead. Setting your profile and/or recordings to "Members Only" ensures that only members that are logged into SingSnap, and those you have not blocked, are able to view your profile and/or recordings. This allows you to still have a "public" profile and recordings, but denying access to anyone you do not wish to view them.


How to deal with harassment.

I am being stalked / harassed, what should I do?
First of all, block the member if the stalking or harassing is not of any serious or threatening nature.

If the abuse is of more serious nature (i.e. illegal, threatening) then you should take yourself out of danger immediately. You should do this by changing your password, avoid using the site entirely or at least avoid communication on the site (including recordings, comments, chat or PM). Your safety is the first order of importance, and avoidance is the best defense against Internet crime and bullying. If you feel laws have been broken in your jurisdiction, you should contact your local police force. We will not do this on your behalf.

If we see members abusing the system or other members via direct communication, we will at our discretion, remove them from the site. However, we are not in the business of passing judgment, therefore if you do not remove yourself from danger by avoidance, you are contributing to the problem, and we will have no option but to remove all parties involved. This underscores the importance of avoidance in such cases.

I blocked someone who is now targeting my fans / favorites
Occasionally, someone you've had trouble with will turn to your fans and favs lists if they cannot get to you directly because you blocked them. If this happens, let those friends/fans who contact you to block the person as well. To prevent further messaging you can choose to change your profile visibility to Members Only to keep the blocked user from viewing your profile page, including your Fans and Favorites. To do that click on the ACCOUNT button in the top navigation bar then on Edit Settings. On the Edit Settings page click on the Profile Privacy tab and update your settings. If you continue to have trouble after doing that please send a private message to SingSnapSuppot with as much details as you can. We will respond as quickly as possible and let you know the next steps or the actions we will take.

I blocked someone, but somehow they got around the block and are still messaging / commenting
If you suspect a new username of being the same person as one that you have had troubles with, but have blocked, block the new name and send a private message to SingSnapSuppot to report it. Try to provide as much detail as possible and we will respond with any next steps, or actions we have taken.

A member is harassing me on Yahoo / Facebook / Email / Text etc
SingSnap has no authority to act on anything that occurs outside of the SingSnap website. If someone is harassing you on an external website such as Facebook or Yahoo, you should immediately block/remove them. If the harassment continues, you should report them to those systems. If, however, the harassment is being carried out here at SingSnap, please check out the other topics here and if you can't find an answer to your particular problem, alert us by sending a private message to SingSnapSupport.

Spammers / Scammers

How to deal with spammers and scammers.

I have received a message asking for personal details
SingSnap has instituted many safe guards against spammers and scammers, but there may be an occasion where you will receive a message from someone you do not know who says they like your picture/profile/singing very much and invites you to contact them via email to get to know each other better or something along those lines.

If you do receive a PM or other communication like this, do not respond, but rather copy the message including the member's name and time/date of the PM and send it in a private message to SingSnapSuppot with any details you'd like to add. We will determine whether it is truly spam and take the appropriate action.

I have received a message from someone claiming to work for SingSnap
SingSnap staff and volunteers are easily identifiable by the color and designation next to their name. Staff names are in red, and each volunteer team has its own color as well. Neither staff nor volunteers will ever ask for your login details, and you should never provide your password to anyone. Volunteers do not have access to any of your personal information, and you should not provide this to anyone asking for it including credit card numbers, addresses or phone numbers.

If someone claiming to be a staff member or a volunteer approaches you for personal details or to tell you to take certain actions, or threatens you in any way, you should send a private message to SingSnapSuppot immediately and provid us with the details of your encounter. We will investigate and take appropriate action.

Rude Comments, Messages or Posts

How to deal with rude communication.

I received a really rude comment or private message, what should I do about it?
The large majority of SingSnappers are welcoming and supportive of each other. Occasionally, for whatever reason, someone may send rude, hateful or inappropriate comments. We have tools in place so you can address this sort of thing.

If you receive a rude, hateful or inappropriate comment or message we recommend that you first block the person so that they can no longer leave you any comments or send you messages. After blocking the user you can delete the comment and/or message and most of the time that is enough to resolve the issue.

If you continue to have trouble please contact SingSnapSupport for advice and help with resolving the issue.

Someone is posting rude and inappropriate things about me on the message boards
If you come across a post on the message boards that you find is either offensive and/or breaks the SingSnap Terms of Use or Code of Conduct please click the REPORT button that appears beneath every post on the message boards. This will flag the post for our staff to look at the post in order to evaluate the action we will take.