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Manage Recordings

Get all the information you need to manage your SingSnap recordings.

Recording Storage

Questions and answers related to storing your recordings.

As a blue member, why do I need to remove recordings?
As a Blue member you can store 5 recordings in your account (this number includes both public and private recordings). If you have less than this, you will be able to operate as usual, but if you have more than this, you will have to make a decision:

  • Upgrade to a Gold Subscription
  • Reduce the number of recordings you have to under 5.

Subscribing means you're supporting SingSnap moving forward and gives you lots of great features, access to our entire song catalog, and unlimited storage!

Note: If your account goes from Gold to Blue, and you have over 5 total recordings, recordings will be deleted automatically starting with the oldest recordings first.

How do I delete a recording?
Click on RECORDINGS in the navigation bar at the top of the site to view your recordings. Find the recording you wish to delete and click the red trash can icon on the far right. This will remove your recording to the Recycle Bin where it will remain for 10 days before being permanently removed.

I deleted a recording by accident, can I get it back?
Yes, if you deleted the recording in the last 10 days you can get it back. When you delete a recording it goes to the Recycle Bin from which you can restore it to its original state if you wish to. When a recording has been in the Recycle Bin for 10 days it is deleted permanently.

The Recycle Bin can be accessed by clicking RECORDINGS in the navigation bar at the top of the site, and then click on the View Recordings in the Recycle Bin button.

Sharing Recordings

Questions and answers related to sharing your recordings.

How do I share my recordings?
See our Sharing Recordings tutorial for detailed instructions on how to share recordings.

I don't want people to share my songs on their social network pages
If you do not wish for your recordings to be shared publicly then upon saving your song, select the "Members Only" from the drop-down menu of sharing options.

You can also change the "Social Sharing" option to "No" to remove the buttons for those networks.


Questions and answers related to managing duet recordings.

What is the difference between "Open Duet" and "Allow Duets"?
An "open duet" is an unfinished recording that requires a second voice to fill in the missing parts. We recommend you mark those as Open Duets so that your fans and friends can easily identify which recordings are available for dueting. When you "allow duets", it simply means you are giving the community permission to sing along with your recording, even if it is not an official "open duet".

How do I display all my open duets in one place to make it easier for others to find them?
On your profile page, there is a menu option for Open Duets. This allows other members an easy way of finding songs you've indicated you would like others to sing with you on, to find them easily. To ensure your open duets are listed on this page, make sure to check the "Open Duet" box in the song settings when you save the song (or you can use the Edit button, if the song has already been saved).

Someone made a duet using my recording, can I delete it?
No, only the member who created the recording has the power to delete it. If you want it deleted, simply ask that member to delete it for you. If you're unable to contact them due to being blocked, you can send a private message to SingSnapSupport for help. Please briefly explain the situation and we may be able to delete it for you.

If you do not want people dueting with you, please ensure you disable the duet capability on your recordings, or if it is only specific members you do not want dueting with you be sure to block them and set your songs to Members Only.

Miscellaneous Questions

All the other questions and answers we couldn't fit in above.

Can I change the photo on a recording?
The default image on your recording will be whatever you have as your profile picture. Once the song is saved, the photo cannot be changed.

If you want a different photo on the recording than your profile picture, you must use either your webcam, or webcam software (such as ManyCam) to take a new photo. You can do this during the very last step of the "Save My Recording" process. Once you decide you like your recording and want to save it, you will have the opportunity to take a photo which will appear on the recording screen.

Can I search or sort my own recordings?
You sure can! Click on RECORDINGS in the navigation bar at the top of the site, and then click the Search Through Your Recordings button. Enter the title or artist (partial entries are ok) and click Search.

You can also sort them by clicking on the headers on the RECORDINGS page. If you want to sort by song title for example just click on "Song title" at the top of the table. Clicking once sorts the list alphabetically A to Z. Clicking a second time will sort the list in reverse alphabetical order from Z to A.

My recording is incorrectly marked as "potentially offensive", how do I get that removed?
Occasionally, a song will be marked as potentially offensive by another member either by accident or on purpose. In either case, send a private message to SingSnapSupport or an email to along with a link to your recording, and we will review it and remove the flag if appropriate.