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Flash Not Keeping Settings

If you've clicked "Allow" and "Remember" in the popup permissions window when recording or using the setup wizard and you're being prompted to allow permission again you may need to manually set the permissions instead.

Manually Allow Mic and Webcam Access

  1. Open the SingSnap recorder or a saved song.
  2. Right mouse click on the recorder or song player.
  3. In the menu that opens click on "Global Settings...".
  4. A new window should open.
  5. Click on the "Camera and Mic" tab at the top of the new window.
  6. Click on the "Camera and Microphone Setting by Site..." button.
  7. Locate and click "" in the list of websites.
  8. Below the list of sites make sure "Allow" is selected in the drop down list.
  9. Close both windows and try to record again.