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Looneytune's ELVIS PRESLEY Playlist #2
Music by Elvis from movies and new releases.
34 looneytune
sing songs I like
songs to sing soon
100 catwoman_steph 27
My songs like
Just few songs I want to try and sing or make????????
100 catwoman_steph 27
Classic Rock 2
More classic rock
26 Rebelwind_Ladyhawke 46
Classic Country 3
More classics
45 Rebelwind_Ladyhawke 46
New Country 2
Modern country
24 Rebelwind_Ladyhawke 46
country classics 2
60's, 70's, 80's and 90's
102 Rebelwind_Ladyhawke 46
Today's Rock
Buckcherry, Simple Plan etc...
24 Rebelwind_Ladyhawke 46
The King....
54 Rebelwind_Ladyhawke 46
New Country
Country has changed but these songs will become classics.
100 Rebelwind_Ladyhawke 46
Soft rock and Oldies
Some of my favorites from the past.
77 Rebelwind_Ladyhawke 46
Country Classics
sixities, seventies, eighties and nineties.
99 Rebelwind_Ladyhawke 46
Classic Rock
My Favorite Classic Rock Song's.
100 Rebelwind_Ladyhawke 46
Selina's fav recorded songs
Unchained Melody
12 Seline0228 88
jan 3 & 4
34 pinkkkk 93
Puter Shack
Name that Tune contest. Steffiepooh and I won by naming t...
10 johnnyo 44
Here are some duets of ours as well as friend that have s...
86 ROXYROX-and-ACE 52
video's songs
32 luvtsng 72
My friend, Dan
38 Aletha 36
My good friend, Chris May
65 Aletha 36
Gospel Songs
Wonderful Gospel songs
93 Aletha 36
Top 2011 Tunes
A collection of fantastic songs from some of my favorite ...
14 KarenBoBaron 3
16 arapahoe 28
Songs from Apollo
100 Jillian777 7
all of his recordings i like
22 glad2meetu