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Title Created Entries Made By
my duets with my friends , these are very special to me ,...
24 choppper 3
Team Air
Round 1 Snapaholics
12 Jimmycfred 5
32 silkysylvia 40
Best of Snap
Best of Snap
16 Calif-Redneck
LOL....I wanted to create one of me singing...sorry : )
16 Grover 2
Team Water
Round 1 Snapaholics
16 Jimmycfred 5
Team Fire
Round 1 Snapaholics
17 Jimmycfred 5
Team Earth
Round 1 Snapaholics
14 Jimmycfred 5
ConnieG's Favourite Recordings
My Ultimate Favourites audio only songs on site by Snapp...
17 ConnieG
Cantare's Harmonies
<table><tr><td><img align="cent...
17 cantare 6
my faves
exactly what it says,, my faves :)
51 Little_Wing 81
Stop... duet time!
Some of my favorite duets!!!!
47 sunshine_princess 16
Great Music
This is a list of all my favourite songs on singsnap
47 ScottishLad 44
love the songs
My fav songs from other people
17 DeputyLoco 18
My List
my vocals
45 phonepat 66
Stuff I like
stuff I like
24 onetrickpony 32
scott's SS fav's
a mix of everything,MOSTLY MY BABY,OF HER AND I,SOME OF M...
29 scottc 10
Spanky's Friends
Here are some of my friends... Still working on adding so...
100 Spanky 9
My duets with other SS peeps
'duets recorded' with others & by others <img src...
57 MmeOdileC 35
playlist 1
me and trish sis
11 Baby_Bird 91
my funny songs
just having fun!<a href=
15 choppper 3
A Few of My Favorite Duets (More to be added)
19 EllenG 18
13 jennilovesmusic 13
The Story Songs
All the old time great stories that I love to tell! Love ...
97 Capriceharmony65 48
Dylan - I Shall be Released on SingSnap!
Bob Dylan as interpreted by some of the great SingSnapper...
15 MrsBobDylan 2
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