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Showing playlists 76-100 of 1,820 with at least 10 recordings created in 2009
Title Created Entries Made By
Deelyght-Twists that have been sung by oth...
These are songs that I have re-written that have been sun...
90 Deelyght
House of Hair Round 1
Natural House of Hair Round 1
22 fnyl8dy 34
All my best ones
Just my best recordings in one hit for those of you who w...
26 Samijuli 32
My GranDaughter Makayla :)
These are Makayla's songs she had done on my profile, She...
14 SweetTexasRose 5
35 Sandysongbird
Loretta Lynn Songs
Learning Loretta Lynn songs...
20 37_KayFay 47
EAW "We Are Family Challenge
Songs entered
62 Sandysongbird
Johnny Cash Somgs
All of My Recordings Of Johnny Cash Songs
35 gordo631 42
mix of my songs
23 skateronetwothree
Sharons songs.
10 Nightwing 2
Sharons songs.
10 Nightwing 2
new ones
all new
15 keepontruckin 53
Songs from friends that amazed me!
24 SweetRymer 14
Sunday Playlist
10 kiki 26
Deth Match Round 3
Deth Match Recordings
12 fnyl8dy 34
Ken's Own Song fav's
SOngs sung solo or duet by me
19 Oompa-Ken 55
Duets with me and other members
26 brunetteforu 3
Hermits,Hobos,Orphans and the Ginger Step-...
a collection of tunes unloved and under-appreciated by va...
21 popjunky
Frankie's best :-)
25 swissmissy 14
good music
11 t0ddy 4
EAW "Terms of Endearment" Challenge
songs entered
58 Sandysongbird
Punk Rock Girls
Punk and cool songs
16 Jim-Jimi 55
My best performances
This is a playlist of the songs that I think I did my bes...
43 Az23 19
How Blue Can You Get?
14 Whenthewindblows 2
Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel
24 Whenthewindblows 2
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