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oh lonesome me
10 browngirl777 24
Bigdeemcgee's Voice
Some of Craig's latest sings...great listenin' and FANTAS...
10 songwhisperer 36
Elliebear's Voice
She's great....gotta listen!!!! And watch too!!! ;o)
10 songwhisperer 36
sunday list
10 kiki 26
Jeff Baker Songs
An amazing artist!
10 snickersmom 3
All free
Just me
10 Richardswater
Mellow Sounds By Jim Jimi
Soft and gentle, Sentimental and stuff like that!
10 Jim-Jimi 55
Jim Jimi Sings with the 1st Sing Snap Band!!
Is this sorta like Kenny Rogers and the 1st Edition???
10 Jim-Jimi 55
Ma Tillie Music_Lover_1934
Concert with Tillie She's Got Style!!!! ;o)
10 songwhisperer 36
my love
10 mrmagic 9
Larry's Songs
A few of my favorite songs.I have a great time doing this...
10 troubadore9
10 Gocat63
tonights listen
all of my first page....
10 jarcher48 27
My Favorite SingSnappers
Some of the jaw-dropping recordings by my favorite SingSn...
10 reasnforbreathn 9
This One Fantastic Singer, I'm Sure Will Not Be Disappoin...
10 Silkie_Tonez 39
me too
more songs
10 singslikepatsy 29
10 dixiesman 3
stuff i like
just a few I enjoyed singing
10 OutlawCMM 8
Recent 2
My Recent Recordings
10 LadyOwlsback 2
Liz's songs
Songs I've recorded
10 ll1816 7
My 1st Contest
Just the songs I've done for Octobher's Billboard Contest...
10 PattiG 23
Mostly 80's hits and love songs
10 sharonrene 7
A few new ones I have done!!
great songs
10 Mattieb7103
my play list
Bet's Play List
10 Bet10319
Gospel and Elvis and a few others
my last ten songs
10 kenny101 61