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zuripar is 71 years old, is located in South Carolina / USA and has been a SingSnap member since July 21, 2010. She has a total of 3,221 public recordings that have been viewed 168,180 times and 215 achievement points.

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I use Anna-- and though a member in curiosity only in 2010--no recordings then, I'm glad to meet so many of you here on Singsnap---everyone really makes each other feel welcome and at home which relaxes a 'newly' to be able to release some fun. I am a single grandmother of 3(9yr boy and a 1st yr college student and a daughter who is like Little Bo Peep at times. We still try to be a wholesome family, since it looks like--with l daughter, I might as well smile and accept that pretty much is all for grans. That being said, it's not always easy to find free time or mind. Still, I manage. I am an AA Business School grad while attending White Plains, NY and also Technical College here in Clemson area. Better known as "Tiger Country". I've worked for the academic university long enough now to maybe get ready soon for the retirement thingy--I guess--I love my work family. Needless, to say--eventually. Had the kids not been with me by now, I probably would be doing something else by now. Anyway, my goal was to include retirement with enjoyment--in every sense of the words. So, my work is still "cut out for me". I just have to follow a different path. I never say never but I do say--don't think so, if necessary.
I enjoy fun things like dancing, bowling, traveling (picture that about now), and computerizing and any other social event that comes from my inter-action with my work environment. I have a few other projects I want to dab in--once retired compleetely, but I'm seeming to be never 'Idle'. I have a task before me, but feel I've always been a giving person and refuse to give up so easily when it comes to my extended family.
I will say that the time is now here for me to take back some of my own life other than being a loving gram. Unfortunately, the body chemistry stayed the same --even though my physical being was kind and giving when caring for my own. They'll just have to start to understand, that Grammy loves life too and has not quite met her "Full Womanly potential" as I have not chosen a great "Rib" to stick to when the snow is gleaming under the moonlit night and eyes and 'heat' is all that matters.
I have recently been introduced to this site by a fellow singer, but I now feel that might have produced a 'monster' because I find I've always loved karaoke, but have since discovered just how much. It is truly a "filler" when you need one at times. I know it's very new, so I'll be ok, but I hope you all will feel free to stop by my area when I sing and I yours at times, but I'm like one of the other members here has said---sometimes I may not get to pop right back to thank you for your comments and may sometimes just leave a comment right on my site or song comment section where you will have left yours and say thank you. Know that I appreciate all listeners.