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XxXNepTunesXxX is located in Texas / USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 17, 2008. He has a total of 76 public recordings that have been viewed 5,868 times and 11 achievement points.

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Ok a lil About me: I am 6' even long sandy blonde hair living in Tx I am here to sing Not looking for relationships but I wouldn't turn one Down If it presented it's self friends and people that enjoy my style and singing. I believe that If you can sing any genre Of music and make it work. That is true artistry some Of my major influences #1 Elvis Presley #2 Sebastian Bach #3 brett Micheals #4 rick ruhl #5 rob thomas #6 bob marley #7 Jhonny Cash there is many other's as well But will cover enough I sing everything all genres. if I dont know it I will learn it So if your fan and have a song That you would liek to here then by all means Please to ask me to Sing it For you and I will I am honored to be On snap and to have met such really cool people along the way. it's truly my pleasure and passion to perform.

ok my fave female on snap ladie-b chk her out you'll ne glad you did

width="357" height="458">MY SISTERS HERE ON SNAP SISTER Ange=Singin_Angel and rach=fae they are both a great huge talent every one chk em outvalue="">This is the absalute best cover I have ever heard of this song thank you for this and everyone should chk this Girl out

this is my very great friend and huge musical genius that should not even be on snap she should be makeing millions and sharing with me in my opinion I cris from Tx present to you Lynnellen from Indian everyone Go listen to her and comment her she is the coolest women and hold a special place in my heart always thank you Lynn for being my best friend when I really needed it and for all you do for me you kick ass