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XtineLEVEL 70


Taking a break from Singsnap. Happy New Year everyone!

Xtine's real name is Christine Meyer. Christine has been a SingSnap member since January 4, 2007. She has a total of 434 public recordings that have been viewed 13,761 times and 437 achievement points.

I returned home from Spain in 2019 after a fabulous 5 years and I'm now enjoying my new life in a not so sunny Scotland! I more or less, left Singsnap during this time because my new life style and the intense heat made it difficult for me to sing indoors! but now that I'm back, I've realised just how much I've missed it, both the singing and the interaction with friends!

I joined this site when it was still in the Beta stage (first time around!). It was a small community then, where people were on first names terms with almost everyone on the site! I have obviously seen many changes since and Singsnap has gone from strength to strength but even though it has expanded and is huge in comparison to where it was, it has still retained it's sense of community and family and this is what I love about the site!

I'm happy that now I am retired, I can spend even more time on Singsnap doing what I enjoy most! Just for the record and because so many people have asked me, I have never been a professional singer! I have hosted karaoke for almost 30 years (since the days of the Fat Cock laser disc! lol) and that's the sum of my public performance![