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xLAmodel is located in New Mexico / USA and has been a SingSnap member since July 30, 2010. She has a total of 270 public recordings that have been viewed 37,995 times and 243 achievement points.

Candilyn is My Name, but You Can Call Me Candi...

Born & Raised a Cali Girl... Grew into an LA Woman...
Then Moved to the Mountains of North/Central New Mexico!

I Tend to be a Fairly Private Person
but Have Been Known to Open Up On Occasion... Lol
With that Said, Yes, I REALLY WAS a Model...
Based Out of Los Angeles... but That Was Long, Long Ago...
& I Much Prefer Being Behind the Camera, to Being in Front of it...
as Photography is My Forte (& My Profession)!!!

I'm the Oldest of 8 (5 Girls & 3 Boys),
& was Blessed with 4 Beautiful Sons of My Own
(though we Tragically Lost My 2nd Son, BRANDON, to Hypothermia on *1/7/07*,
& Only 2 Days After My Dad Lost his Battle with Cancer on *1/5/2007*)...
There are Many Musicians & Mighty Men of God in Our Family!!!
Those are the Things I Value Most in Life...

Daddy Always Told Me I was Singing Before I Could Even Talk...
All I Know is, I May Not Be the Most Talented Singer,
but I Always Sing from the Heart...
Singing has been a Great Means of Releasing Hidden Emotions
& Soothing My Soul,
but also, the Majority of My Memories are Linked to Songs/Music!

I Absolutely Value & Appreciate All of Those Who Listen to My Songs,
Especially Those Who Take the Time to Comment,
& Whenever I Can Find the Time, I Love Doing the Same in Return!!!
I Stand in Awe Daily, of the Many, Many Talented Voices
I've had Opportunity to Listen to Here In SS,
Some of Whom I've been Honored to have been able to Sing With...
& I'm Completely Humbled by Those of You Who have Joined Me in Duets, as well
Most of All,
I've been Very Blessed with the Many Friendships I've Developed Here, Along the Way



To the Extraordinary Friends Who Lead Me to SingSnap "Karmi," & "Drewsie," (Just to Name a Couple)... Thank You With All of My Heart for Bringing Me to Such An AMAZING Place of ESCAPE, That Allows My Soul to Soar, & has also Brought Me Endless Inspirations, & Countless New Friendships! I'm Eternally Grateful to, & I Love You, Both!

There's One Very Sweet Man Who Befriended Me Almost Immediately, When I was Still Brand New Here. He is Terry "LordOfTheStrings"... Terry, I Owe You A Special Thank You, for Making My First Year at SS So Musically Magical, & Memorable by Blessing Me with my First Year of Gold! It Meant So Much More To Me Then You Will Ever Know (at a Time When I Really Needed It Most)!!! I've Been So Honored to have been able to Sing Along On Many of Your Recordings, in which You Played Your Guitars So Beautifully! Thank You So Much, Terry, For Being One of My Dearest Friends Here!...
*** Plz Check Out Terry's Profile Page if You Have the Chance, & on the Right Hand Side Of His Profile Page, You Will Find a List of Songs He's Added "Backing Tracks" to. Plz Feel Free to Join Him & His Wonderful Guitar Playing, By Adding Your Vocals to His Tracks! Terry is Always Honored by Those Who Join Him! He ROCKS!!!***