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XenaLEVEL 46


Xena is 51 years old, is located in Pennsylvania / USA and has been a SingSnap member since October 31, 2006. She has a total of 253 public recordings that have been viewed 2,967 times and 258 achievement points.

Hi there, A bit about me, if you'd like to know. I have been singing since i was ol enough to talk - LOL!! One of my earliest memories is putting on "shows" wearing old curtains in my gram's living room, singing commercials - LOL!! I was an odd child - like you couldn't tell. . ..
I spent years at karaoke, and have even had some friends who love me enough to let me sing in band with them - I have been blessed - and a little lucky you could say. I have no training or anything (like you can't tell, and I could use it. . .right??)
Over the years, I have lost a LOT of my original power and voice, so sorry - cigarettes are SUCKAGE in your life and if you don't smoke, and love to sing - NEVER start!! It has been hard to face this, but it is a fact - so now, i will try and sing when I can - and never quite be happy with the sound of me anymore.
Okay, enough lecture for one day - LOL!! So, welcome to my little place on Singsnap - love ya my friends. . .thanks for listening and caring - the world is full of special people!!
((hugs, and keep singing!!))