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XBrooklynLadyXLEVEL 74


XBrooklynLadyX's real name is Carol Camille. Carol is located in Florida / USA and has been a SingSnap member since April 22, 2014. She has a total of 16,173 public recordings and 466 achievement points.

I am a solo artist. I write my own Lyrics, Music, Arrangements, Harmonies & I perform all vocals myself. Back in the 60's I recorded a song, solo called "He's My Guy" for Canadian American, recording studio in Manhatten, N.Y.C. It was a demo that was never completed. I was also part of a group, who consisted of, John Roper from "The Bob Knight Four", Frank Iovino from "The Five Boroughs", Jean Hammons, & myself Carol Camille (the baby of the group). We put together a sound like "The Mamma's & The Pappa's", (so we were told) & we were ready to go, but the group split up & everyone went there own way. I've always kept my love for music but I put it on hold. Within the last 4 years, Im writing my own material & having fun with it. Most of the demo's you will here of my recordings are done by a wonderful musician, "Galen Breen", who has a recording studio in Tenn. called "The Gator Hole". As for my taste in music, I love all different types. My taste varies from "The Eagles", "Crosby, Stills & Nash", "Fleetwood Mac", & "Sting", to the old 50's sound of "The Moonglows", & "The Flamingo's", to "Ella Fitzgerald", & "Peggy Lee", to "Celion Dion". As I said "All different kinds of music", & there's plenty more. There's lots of great talent out there. So there will always be someone new to add to the list.
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Below are some of the Original Songs I wrote the Lyrics & Music too, that I am Singing

"It Never Dawned Upon Me" I am singing this song I made Acapella using my harmony with it. My dedication to 911

"This Is The Last Time (& I Mean It)" I am singing my own vocals & my brother is performing the music

"Roller Coaster Ride (No More)" I am singing this with my own harmony

"He's My Guy" This is a Demo that I made in the early 60's in NYC. At that time the British Invasion changed many Recording Studio's & their Artists to go forward, especially if you were unknown. So in other words, I was in the right place at the wrong time. Story of my life. However I'm glad I did it. I just enjoy Singing.