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WolfmasterLEVEL 48


Wolfmaster is 65 years old, is located in North Carolina / USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 21, 2007. He has a total of 1,302 public recordings that have been viewed 85,843 times and 270 achievement points.

Just a lil bout me,I'm Rob,nice ta meetcha,and yup, I type sometimes the way I tawk.LOL..Im from North Carolina,and have lived here all my life. I have a beautiful daughter,who is married to an awesome guy. They live here in N.C. as well not too far away. I work in the Automotive Aftermarket,have for 27 years now. I love the simple life I have,Im a homebody I guess youd say. I do love fishing, camping, Nascar, although my favorite driver Dale Sr. is no longer with us,he will always be the Number 1 driver of all time in my book. I feel Nascar lost its Icon when he was killed at Daytona. I love singin here on SingSnap,I know I aint the best, but its an awesome place to come and relax, and share the love of music and friendship with others, I've met some awesome folks here,and on paltalk as well, my nic there is "The WolfMaster", I do have my own room,"WolfMasters RoadHouse",but havent opened it in awhile now, seems SS takes a lotta my time up, and work takes the rest of it, LOL. My Dad had a country band when I was growing up,so all I was ever around was country music,so thats my music passion, I do go to what I call..."Out On A Limb",now and then,and crossover to a few rock songs,and some classic oldies,and some pop songs as well,but not too often,I just dont have the voice to do most of those,so I stick to country most times. I love duets,and breaking up songs,makin them duets,its a lotta fun doin that sometimes as well.When I do,I always paste the lyrics for male and female in the text window,so feel free to sing along with me,and duet anytime,Were here to have fun and share all the music SS has for us.I like the traditional old country songs most,love Alabama music,and the old Classics,George Jones,Merle Haggard,Jack Greene,Gene Watson,Keith Whitley,Ray Price,Johnny Cash,I guess ya git the picture,but I do like some of the newer ones as well,so as long as its country,Ya may hear me singin it!.Id like to thank everyone for your comments,and support,and Ive been given a lot here,so many nice people,I love listenin to you all sing as well.There are a lotts folks here,givin the one chance,would be proffesional now,there are so many awesome voices here,its sometimes unbelievable.Ok,rekin Ive twisted yur arm enuff for now so keep sangin and havin fun.....if ya havent done so already,please sign my guestmap below,love ta hear from ya...until then,yawll have a Gooooood Ern.....tawk atcha laters......Rob..

June 13.2009...I had a heart attack,congestive heart failure...they gave me 2 stents,brought me back out,said Ive got good news and bad news...I said gimmee the bad first..he said,you have had a heart attack previous to this one,and its done some major damage,the left side of my heart doesn't function but maybe 10%..the one you just had,we have fixed,the previous one I never knew I had,Silent Heart Attack..I had heard of them,but I never felt any pain,or anything unusual at all.Heart problems are a history on both my parents side,Moms is the typically one I had happen...all hereditary,only I am the only one that has had the opportunity to live thru it,three others have had heart attacks,that never lived,the one killed them..ages were 36,41,47,..their hearts all exploded...I have been blessed for sure,..In December of 2009,they gave me an showed far more damage,than the doctors had even imagined...they knew my mitrol-valve was leaking,but it had gotten worse...and the biggest was..I had an aneurism in the wall between the right and left side of my heart,it had to be fixed,I was living on borrowed time,a wing and a prayer.They let me go thru Christmas,and in January 18,2010,one day before my birthday.....I went in for surgery,clean out left side of scar tissue,to help the remaining flow I still had,replace,repair,mitrol valve,and rebuild wall between left and right side...Aorta-coronary bypass surgery...left ventricular aneurysm repair...mitral valve repair...coronary bypass surgery......roughly 6-8 hour surgery,wound up being 16 hours..but finally made it thru with the dedication of my Surgeons..2 days later I had to be sent to Duke Heart Center in Durham NC,complications I was having,needed a pump,and my survival was much better there,I was sent there,and remained under sedation,and medication,and ventilator for 5 weeks,they brought me out from sedation and ventilator,I spent another 2 weeks in and came home..then I had to go back in for 2 weeks of re-hab...Im doin better..I wont be able to go back to work,retiring at 55 is great but I dont suggest doing it this're very limited to what you can do...I have a 36 efraction rate as of now,I go back in 3 months,its its above 37,I'm okay for now,if not,they will suggest a defibrillator,so I'm praying Ill be above that number..when I came out,they said I would be lucky to be able to walk to the mailbox,God has given me the ability and strength to do much more walking,I treadmill at least 30 minutes a day,I was on transplant list when I went in Duke,but came transplant...and no pump...only my heart...not many are on the transplant list,and get off of it...and come home with their own heart..God is Great!!.Im a Miracle...they are doing a case study on me now,when finished,I will be in Medical Journal and hopefully what happened to me,they can save more lives in the future...I got a good report from my Cardiologist,last month,complete table and lab work was great...the only remaining thing I have from this is my right arm and hand,nerve damage from one of the meds they had to give me...if this is all I have after all I went thru..Ill be fine with it,...when I go home..God will make it all a new...