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willis99 is located in North Carolina / USA and has been a SingSnap member since March 5, 2009. He has a total of 3,056 public recordings that have been viewed 307,077 times and 1,607 achievement points.


Hi there SingSnappers! My name is Raymond! I live in the good ole Tarheel state of North Carolina. I'm happily married to my lovely wife, Rose and have a 39 year old son, named Zach. I'm 73 years young and enjoy all things in life. I retired from Duke Energy in December of 2010 as a Business Relations Manager. I was employed with Duke for 44 years.
I believe that Jesus is the Christ, the son of the living God, my lord and savior. ... I'm someone who has always loved all types of music and very passionate about everything I do in life. I enjoy singing, karaoke, graphic design, photography, golf and travel


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"When He Was On The Cross ~ Greg Cook


Touching Shadow Dance About the Loss of a Mother


May 24th, 2013 ~ Raymond's 66th Birthday ~ My Birthday Songs


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Tone Deaf Test Results


A Treasured Duet ~ More Than Wonderful

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My Family Cube


The Warden Pets



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