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WebAndNet's real name is Chen Sun. Chen is 105 years old, is located in Texas / USA and has been a SingSnap member since November 5, 2006. He has a total of 5 public recordings that have been viewed 1,780 times and 3 achievement points.

Web marketing strategist. Check out my live band karaoke video. Halloween night, never sang Time Warp before with this band, cell phones don't record the best sounds. It's difficult to see, but I wearing a Jimmy Hendrix wig and a red cape-- GuitarHero.

DUETS--feel free to add your singing lyrics. Baby (You've Got What it Takes), Something Stupid, Be My Baby, Kiddio, Memories are Made of This, Will You Still Love Me, Boots Are Made for Walking, Let It Snow, and That Old Black Magic. Many of my songs, e.g. the duets, are comical--won't you laugh along? THE HUMOR IS FREQUENTLY IN THE MIDDLE INTERLUDE. PLEASE DISREGARD MY HIGHEST RATED SONGS, AND CHECK OUT MY LATEST SONGS.

Do you want to learn how to sing well? Over the past 5 years (my recordings were made early), I developed a method to learn how to sing. Basically, it says changing one's posture changes one's vocal structure, which greatly facilitates good singing and hearing.

The vast majority of current singing training methods are done through ear-hearing training to modify the vocal-mind singing mechanism. What I'm suggesting instead is that the body posture has to be set up correctly first, even before the ear-hearing training can correctly start.

Presently, these thoughts are expressed at a blog called . Won't you take a look and share your thoughts?

Thanks, Chen.