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Been awhile! Hope you are all doing well! ??????????

voiceofanangel's real name is Kelly-Rene'e Mooney. Kelly-Rene'e is located in New York / USA and has been a SingSnap member since April 27, 2007. She has a total of 65 public recordings that have been viewed 8,326 times and 155 achievement points.


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Show your support & check out my newest songs. I would love to know what you think! Do you have any song requests?! ? More music to come! Sooo... stay tuned!!

UPDATE 2020:
With SS going to Beta I am @ my limit for 5 songs as a free member & looking for a way to be able to bring you more music!...

Dear Voiceofanangel(aka Rev.Dreams) Fans,
Many of you know me as a singer,ordained reverend, advocate,volunteer in the community, & more! But did you know that I am also an event promoter/ manager/ agent/marketing rep helping other unsigned/INDIE/ veteran artists.We at Wings & Dreams Promotions are promoting your music through networking-via shared links/ recommendations, & airplay on our radio station Dreamin Wings Radio-WOLF.4093-Howling hope for the children(via MP3's) as well as our TV station Dreamin Wings TV(via Youtube videos only at this time please). While at the same time we are promoting child abuse awareness. We are currently Non-profit & NOT signing/booking artists at this time. BUT! I am open to learning how to book acts! I’d love to be able to help artists & others! Please contact me! Won't you join us in our "Sing For The Children Foundation Musical Movement" making a world of difference one song at a time!?...

A World of Thanx,
Kelly/Voiceofanangel(aka Rev.Dreams)
~Wings & Dreams Promotions~

Under the umbrella of...

*Wings & Dreams Promotions
*Sing For The Children Foundation/Musical Movement/Ministry
*Dreamin Wings Productions
*Moon Willow Graphics

We are:
"WINGS":Casper Micheal Larose/Inglee
(singer "Rev. Wings(aka Wingsmagee)" ~{My "partner in sublime"~ I Love you baby!}

"DREAMS":Kelly-Rene'e Mooney
(singer "Voiceofanangel(aka Rev.Dreams)"

Be sure to look for us under Rock Duo CASSKELL(Casper & Kelly)!???????

Together we created Wings & Dreams Promotions (aka Voices Unlimited Talent Agency)to make a world of difference through music-one song at a time. We are currently providing Non-profit promotional assistance. We help to promote unsigned/INDIE artists as well as veterans in the music business through networking & radio(airplay of MP3's)& TV(airplay of Youtube videos only at this time)stations. :

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"Sing for the children"

Join the Musical Dream to end child abuse through the use of music...

We at "Wings & Dreams" have a Musical Dream and so do the artist we help promote. Our dream is to use music as a gesture of communication to empower and create awareness about child abuse among the masses. Our goal is to get the world to know child abuse must stop and we must all ban together to make it stop once and for all. This is why I have compiled many artists pursuing their musical dreams for a holy and ultimate movement, the dream to end child abuse one song at a time.

"Sing for the children is a world wide spread Movement where everyone is singing for the children to show their support and love for the future generations, our children! As We at Dreamin Wings Radio, an Affiliate radio station created for the Wings & Dreams Network, has set a firm goal to help all aspiring artists get heard by playing their new and hot music that is new to the Musical scene. We air their music to a live audience that also contributes their amateur talents and professional talents a like from all ranges of the worldly Musical realm.

Each and everyone one of us adults need to ban together and gain the perspective that the children are our worlds future and the future is theirs right along with the world. The children of the world need to be protected far more than they ever have been, it's not to say everyone is failing the children, but their are those who are and we need to protect the children from them. Yes we may have come along way from the dark ages, but in all actuality where are the rights our children deserve?, the equality that belongs to them!. They are fragile and precious and must always be treated with tender loving care. Anyone in their right mind understands this to be true. Children are being hurt as we speak, I was once one of them whom now has the knowledge of knowing what it is like to be a child who was not protected like they were suppose to be. I will always relate with the hurting children and grown adults who were once abused them selves. This is why I am reaching out to you the everyday soul who loves music and the ones who are creating it for those who love music. I need everyone of you in this world to come together because we need to protect the children. We have a choice to or not to. I won't be one of the ones who didn't try to do something about the real problem at hand.

Music is here for a reason and I have figured that reason out, it is to sing for the children, music is the most powerful weapon we have. It does not destroy as hit heals. It is pure and real and really meant to empower us all to do whats right for the world and our most precious commodity, our children. The generations who will one day take over the world and run it as we have, but we in hopes pray they do a far better job than we did, for there is always room for improvement, if one is willing. It's become apparent to me that the children are growing up scared and unwilling to take over what they have grown to fear instead of embrace with strength and fortitude. Our children don't want to run the world they instead are running from it. We need to do something about this and fast.

This is why I have found that music is the key to helping them and the world to see the truths and the lies and wash us all clean of the fears we have instilled in the worlds generations and our selves and our children. So no matter who started it we need to stop it. So let's sing I say and sing and sing and sing till the abuse stops and the compassion grows to the heights it must to ensure a bright future for our children's children and the children of the children's children. Enough said, let's sing and make all the music we can and help the artists who strive to make this world a better place because they sing it so. Amen...

God Bless you all from,

Revs.Wings(Casper) & Dreams(Kelly)

Owners and creators of
Wings & Dreams "Sing for the children"...Musical Movement..

Wings & Dreams Promotions showcase artists include:

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UPDATE 2020:
Under construction as we are looking for new platforms for our radio & tv station services...a lot has changed with a lot of social media networks as of late!

DREAMIN WINGS RADIO--'WD INDIE TALENT'(airing LIVE!! from 'WD INDIE TALENT' on Paltalk (Dates/Times TBA!!)--

DREAMIN WINGS RADIO--'INDIE TALENT' airing LIVE!! daily(note:dates & times subject to change!!)--