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Vocalgoddezz31LEVEL 58


I'm back bitches ??

Vocalgoddezz31 is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since September 12, 2007. She has a total of 49 public recordings that have been viewed 3,581 times and 342 achievement points.

I am a 43 year old HAPPILY MARRIED woman ! Mother of 3 and PLEASE do NOT message me other than about a competition. Sorry Im not here for hi gorgeous blah, blah,blah ~ TY Have a nice day ~

After a QUITE a hiatus Im back ! Did ya MISS me ? LOL Well here are my latest banners from some AWESOME contest hosts and hostesses here in Snaptown !!!

My profile pix is of my GORGEOUS husband

I am one PROUD Mama Summer's Banners

Summer's 1 st banner ~

Wooohoo go Summer I you !

She did it again

THIS is my GORGEOUS youngest up and coming model/singer Summer Rayne ~

October 1st 2013 Summer's Banners

~ OK BACK to Mom's ~

July 30th 2014

July 24th 2014

July 22nd 2014

July 21st 2014

July 20th 2014

July 19th 2014

July 9th 2014

July 5th 2014

July 2nd 2014

June 27th 2014

June 26th 2014

June 25th 2014

June 24th 2014

June 22nd 2014

June 13th 2014

June 12th 2014

May 12th 2014

May 10th 2014

May 6th 2014

May 3rd 2014

May 1st 2014

April 30th 2014

April 29th 2014

April 28th 2014

April 27th 2014

April 26th 2014

April 25th 2014

April 24th 2014


April 18th 2014

April 17th 2014

April 16th 2014

April 13th 2014

April 11th 2014

April 9th 2014

April 8th 2014

Was VERY excited to get this one as I NEVER thought Id see MY name on one of THESE

April 7th 2014

April 4th 2014

April 2nd 2014

April 1st 2014

March 31th 2014

March 30th 2014

March 29th 2014

March 26th 2014

March 25th 2014

March 23th 2014

March 18th 2014

March 11th

March 7th 2014

March 3rd 2014

March 1st 2014

February 27th 2014

I have entered 1 or 2 contests with FRESH sings since Christmas I MISSS it all esp now that I have this new AWESOME mic BUT I this banner courtesy of Gia ~ Got it for Amy Whinehouse ~ Back to Black

Hadn't entered well submitted to a contest in over a week and then this ! I this banner

November 30th 2013

November 27th 2013

November 26th 2013

November 25th 2013

November 23 rd 2013

November 22nd 2013

November 16th 2013

Song dedicated to dad

November 15th 2013

November 13th 2013

November 12th 2013

In Memory of my AMAZING grandmother who raised me when I lost my mom at 9 yrs old

October 21 st 2013

October 19 th

October 16 th 2013

Friday October 11 2013

Liz's Kid at Contest


My BEAUTIFUL mother who was taken from me when i was just 9 yrs old ! She was only 1 week shy of her 28 th bday when she passed in a tragic car accident. Ironically enough 2 weeks prior ANOTHER article had been published about her for being the 1st woman to EVER work out (lift weights) at our local YMCA ! My mother is also one of a few family members that I get my ability to carry a tune from and the tragedy was not to end there sadly 2 months later at merely 22 yrs old her sister my aunt Susan was ALSO killed in a tragic car accident but this time in California on her way home from Mexico . She also had vocals of an angel . From the time I could talk we recorded MANY hours of our combined efforts AGAIN VERY SADLY I must go WITHOUT those memories at the viciousness of my their brother my "uncle" who ALSO became my landlord after my grandparents who were like my 2nd parents after my mom died and dad was working 70 hrs a week to build his business well anyway my "uncle" took over my home and after living there for 18 yrs and raising ALL my kids there I was FORCED out due to conditions BEYOND my control and "he" chose to allow and he also WONt give me my recordings of my Mom,my aunt,and me singing so I turn to YOU all my new SSFS to share and enjoy what drives me on my worst day MUSIC ~
Ty for listening to my songs it means the WORLD to me .............

This is the guy I mentioned in Cool Rider ~ 8/19/13 RIP Rocket

This is one of his AMAZING FREEHAND drawings I turned into banners

She wanted to dedicated hers to ME nothing buttugly about her


FIRST EVER 1st place !!!!


I've been competing in SS contests since March I think it was and to date THIS is my FAV banner EVER~ made by Gia

My 1st EVER 2nd place banner andddd they said it was wayyyy close sooo exciting lol Sooo PRETTY toooo ! ~

My 1st judges banner ty Dee you ROCK gf

This is me a few yrs ago NEED to go back to blonde lol

This is my AMAZING husband that I ADORE !

Married to the most AMAZING man with 3 daughters who keep me on my toes lol.]