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venusazaboyLEVEL 43


venusazaboy's real name is Wade Brodsky. Wade is located in New Jersey / USA and has been a SingSnap member since October 30, 2010. He has a total of 212 public recordings that have been viewed 4,515 times and 234 achievement points.

I HAVE RETURNED!! I haven't been around in a long time. Why? It's hard to think about it, but my mother was killed in a car accident on my birthday in October of 2015, because of a drunk driver. She was the reason and inspiration for my singing. I am so lost without her. I will never forget her. A lot of the songs I recorded (which are gone now because I canceled my account) were inspired by her and were for her to hear. I miss her dearly. She was my light and now she is in Heaven with our Lord. I have now decided to come back and sing again. For her, because she wouldn't want me to stop using a gift God gave me. I don't consider myself great, or even that good. Sometimes I please myself, but the main thing is I pleased mom with my voice. The look in her eyes when I sang! She was so proud and I can't let that fade away. Therefore, I am singing again!! Now for all of you!! Time to keep singing for those who may also find that joy my mom did when she listened to me. Not that I am asking you to, but if you do, thank you for listening. God bless.