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TramhueLEVEL 67


I am so very happy to be in a new year, singing for Christ and enjoying so many different people.

Tramhue's real name is Bart Fey. Bart is located in Ohio / USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 8, 2009. He has a total of 6,968 public recordings that have been viewed 891,730 times and 413 achievement points.

I am first a Christian. My Family comes then. The world with all it's heartaches and pain comes as no real surprise. I endeavor to show them Christ and He crucified and risen.
I have had my share of hospitals having lost a new-born son...and then his mother, my wife. Both of my loving parents are gone. I don't believe we fully realize, and are truly grateful for, the valuable lessons they taught us; growing up.
I am a successful HVAC and Plumbing contractor. We very much enjoy Helping Others, giving discounts to the elderly and to veterans. Active in church, I'm involved in several out-reach groups that succor others with food, clothing, etc.
I enjoy four children and six grand-children, two grandsons and four grand daughters. They are the JOY of this cowboy's heart.
I very much enjoy singing..impromptu or otherwise. Having sung for 'kings and queens...or the regular 'Sally or Joe', I believe we are to strive as Bing Crosby often said; to do our very best. Mom paid for voice lessons for me early on. Thank goodness (4 my body) I didn't use the money to buy candy or toys. I enjoy singing from any good movie on Turner Classic Movies or even The Hallmark Channel. Through a lot of experience, I've been alloted the opportunity to harmonize with divas and yes, other men the world over. That is one thing I appreciate about Singsnap ..the affordability to sing with just about anyone, the world over.
I am a widower, having lost my dear Rita to cancer. I am not truly happy alone...I'm a 'hopeless romantic.' I know God has the one for well as she knowing she is the right one for me. Patience is oft times (wasted) in the hopes though against 'the back-drop of promises yet un-known.'