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Tony_is-a-starLEVEL 47


Tony_is-a-star's real name is Tony Sullivan. Tony is 58 years old, is located in Indiana / USA and has been a SingSnap member since November 22, 2015. He has a total of 1,275 public recordings that have been viewed 25,339 times and 266 achievement points.

I decided a very long time ago that there is no point going through life unhappy.

I believe that anyone anywhere should be able to do anything, he, she, or it chooses to do, as long as what they do brings no harm or ill will towards another or others.

Nothing or No one can make you happy or unhappy.

Happiness is YOUR Choice.

If someone does you wrong and you become unhappy. Sorry it's on YOU not them.

If some good comes your way and you become happy. It wasn't the good that made you happy.

Nope it was YOU. Your Choice!
Choose happiness!

I choose to remain happy in all the bad and all the good that comes my way now and forever more!

Take the pledge and live the life. A life of peace and happiness.

So yes, I do visit Karaoke sites, party like a Banshee, and sing like a Jackal but hey it's not hurting anyone and I love it. I'm having fun and enjoying my life and happiness.

I could discuss Love next but ........... Maybe next time. Adios!
Rock ON People!

I'm Out!