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Tigerlee's real name is Helen Hunt. Helen is located in Michigan / USA and has been a SingSnap member since May 3, 2010. She has a total of 3,696 public recordings that have been viewed 167,291 times and 325 achievement points.

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Married lady,seems like I'm 113 years old some days -But, I am almost 81 ~~ gosh , where did all those wonderful years go - I have many many happy memories that I hope I can remember for the years to come! We are in Southern Michigan & also sometimes in central Florida ~ I Love my hubby, our puppies, Florida, Michigan & all in-between, listening to country/western music, singing along with the radio, scrap booking, eating out, ice cream , sleeping in past 7 AM, old car shows, Boat rides, Garage-yard Sales , My Family & friends, SingSnap & especially Being Retired!!!! That's about all I can find time for!! LOL!

Update Oct 2014 ~ Found out I have COPD ~ I knew I was getting short winded , never thought it was as bad as it is. I have lost 40% breathing capacity. I thought since I quit smoking nearly 25 years ago, I wouldn't have this ~ Wrong!!
Could be worse tho - At least the meds are helping me most days! Cant give up everything I like & want to do now- can I?? SO, I'm going to keep singing as long as I can!!

Another update ~ 2017 ~ found out I have Sleep Apnea, waiting for that dreaded C PAK machine. It cant be any worse than those tests I had to have. AND, I wont stop breathing during the night. That's scary ~ when they said I didn't breathe for 26 sec. many times thru the night.

March 8,2018~~ Well, I did it again~~~ fell in the shower ~~ Just lost my balance~
(2-1-2018)~~ I wasn't even wet yet, was sober as a judge & wide awake~~really did a big bad number on the ribs on my left side , slipped & fell into the corner where the wall meets the tile, cracked 5 didn't break any tho. Hurt my foot too, but that was a piece of cake compared to the ribs. Just now, 6 weeks later I am beginning to have a day here & there with hardly no pain. Sure looking forward to being able to do more than I can now!! Haven't been on SS much - hard to sit for any length of time- hope I am back now.

I Will try to listen & comment to those that listen & comment on my songs & some that don't too~~~ No promises! I don 't have as much time to be on SS lately, but, I will do my best to return comments & view & comment on recordings done by others here.

Please except my apologies if I forget to return a comment - believe me, it's not intentional. After all, some say I'm an old lady , & old ladies are apt to forget a lot of things along their journey thru this life. What do they mean - I'm Old???? Nope~~~
I'm just forgetful, that's all!!!!!!!!!

Aug 2019 - Well this year has been ~ lets say memorable!

Had Shingles (ouch!) Lasted 2 - 2 1/2 months
then, the meds Dr. gave me for that did a really bad number on my tummy!( 2 months)
Had nerve pain in my big toe ~ also old Arthur - pain got so severe I had to have at least half of my big toe amputated. That wasn't very pleasant either. ( 3 months & holding ) I still have pain in the toe almost as bad as before. Don't know if they will take any more off or not, if it still hurts they've got to do something! Cant hardly stand the pain - again.
I already have the ugliest foot in town, so a little more chop - chop wont hurt!! LOL!!
I hope that's all for the next few years! I'm gonna live to be 100. that's my goal~~ unless God has other plans for me. Gotta get the old Bod in good working order, if I am gonna be around another 20!!