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TiffysoundsLEVEL 3


Tiffysounds' real name is Tiffany1 Atisso. Tiffany1 is 41 years old, is located in Pennsylvania / USA and has been a SingSnap member since March 20, 2011. She has a total of 70 public recordings that have been viewed 6,171 times and 11 achievement points.

bro!RIP! Love snapville! I adore those I have had the pleasure of talking with and those friends whom support and keep my spirits high!I am a single mamma of 2 boys.( & many others whom have made their permanant second mom and home here lol! GOOO TEAM MOM! lmao! They are my world!(aside from the lovely snappers! I enjoy karaoke most of allbecause singing is one of the most amazing freeing expressions of self that one may do. Once on singsnap you never look back! Singing...with raw talent, trained or heck none at allis an amazing experience as one gives up the care of others superficial judgments or their own of those they "think" judge them! I had a spinal/muscular health issue that continued to expand to joints and such..Pain is a daily struggle however, as I re-train my techniques in vocal exercise, singing...I amslowly gaining strength back and hope the talent once had comes along to!Singing is use of your natural born instrument and while we sometimes press to sound actually is about breathing relaxing and knowing(able to feel and understand) your body.Yoga is similar as in the focus of breathing and control ...Strain killed me over the years and with the condition in my health and body..neck especially, I knew I had to stop singing until I found singsnap and also a great few vocal coaches online...Learning to breathe as I have in yoga but also understanding exactly how things work helps..but toundo what I learned over the coarse of singing lessons(years ago for many years) and the stretching warm ups I have learned...I realized..I still dislike warming but it inspires me to do as my specialist has wanted me to do from day one apx. 5 years ago lol!So thank you to SS for the motivational inspiration.Also, I believe that friendship, being difficult for me to createin our real world, due to ability to be consistent with events and attendinganything that doesn't allow for a heating pad andlay down area donutyet as my seniors used to use(as a caregiver, man did we have to pack like a vacation everywhere we went) lol!I also tend to not use muscle I think way to chili , it is best eaten the next day.....if I train one day...I should wait till the next or literally I can sound very hard to swallow lmao! Recently my kitten was hit by a car..he was my baby of 10 years and the hit and run was seen via neighbor. It to was done by a neighbor.We struggled for days...paying vetsto helpand not one would with out the loot.Applying for funds takes time...found a vet hospital-Timberview whom was willing to assist awaiting funding...however REDROVERRELIEF helped with 150$ of the little guy passed away after suffering on Good Friday.I struggle tofind inspiration right now.I can not take back what happened however, this man whom hit my baby should have stopped....should have brought my baby to me...but almost 2 hoursdragging a broken spine/pelvis andpain with no mobility in legs my baby found his way up on the porch...We had a funeral for him...and hope to put a slide show together, but again....motivation pains it is..just so hard to imagine focus especially when I lost my furry babes. I will visit all whom I want lol and short comments again..lazy here with typing.If by chance you need a friend, I am here...may be a bit late in response as I keep very busy with OCD ADHD and 2 kids and.....all that othermumbo jumbo I dobut I will definitely be there - here for ya! Need a program to type for I may blog of all the help out there for animals whom needless to say at times must suffer consequence of financial hardship on families.....Vets seem to not know anything of help..I want to compile theinfo..again need software..typing is a pain..maybe video blog eh? Get pen and paper and write what I bable on about huh? Welp, okay then ...keep on singen snappers!I luv ya and amso grateful to be part of your community!