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TartarSauceLEVEL 59


Loving my cousins great hits on Singsnap. JessTCreate! Follow her! :)

TartarSauce is 37 years old, is located in Florida / USA and has been a SingSnap member since August 1, 2008. She has a total of 1,595 public recordings that have been viewed 87,990 times and 346 achievement points.

I love to sing. I have been singing since I was two. I was in the group Entertainment Revue when I was a youngin' and I had fun dancing around with a red coat and shiny tights. There's actually some singers out there that have made it that I've sang with: Lauren Mayhew, Tina Novak, TriPPP, Willa Ford, and Tracy Williams. That's to name a few. Those ladies are marvelous so you should take a listen to them when you have the time.

I particularly seem to be attracted to 80's music, but I really stink at singing it. I have been making a notion to sing it ANYWAY as I want to broaden my horizon on music and be classified as a "rocker". <--- That probably is one of those sentences you'll say outloud and say Uhm-hmmm. I also am getting into the hang of this whole duet thing. It's fun! If you stop by me, I will do my best to stop by you and try to listen. I mostly come on here as a therapeutic release. Singing is my stress reliever.

I'm hoping to get a bit more people to scope out my music.

Have a listen, leave a comment, and send a message my way! I have made many friends on here that I am happy leave constructive criticism and help make me feel like I should pursue my singing. I appreciate you all and want you to know that you haven't gone unnoticed! You're my unsung heroes! For anyone new, I love meeting and singing with new people

Thanks for stopping by!