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Tammy-N-Robert is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since December 7, 2008. Tammy-N-Robert has a total of 95 public recordings that have been viewed 1,308 times.

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I was singing to pass the time and I met my Beautiful wife Tammy Here on Singsnap and I Love her So Much

.Update6/22/19...I owe my Life to my Husband...He and God & My Family have been my saving Grace after Taking a Bad Fall July 7th of 2017...Its been a very Long Recovery...but thru it all It was My Lectures from my Family and The Love that shone From my Husbands Eyes & My Many Prayers to God and the Friends on Facebook Praying that has been my Saving Grace...I am Forever Grateful To Each of them.Family is important and the Ones Close by my Side Are Number ONE!&& I Must highlight My Youngest Daughter Stephanie for Doing Everything in her Power to Make My Days Brighter...I could never ask for or Receive better in my Eyes...The BEST!There were many Moments I just did not know if I was going to survive....Have the best of On-Going care Currently

This site is HUGE...So If you Perhaps Dont like what we sing..Move on along,Kindness goes much further,We Both Love Elton John's Music...So We are Liable to sing his songs at any time...I (Crazytam)am Of Irish,English Indian Descent after all :)Nobody Should Be Judged...That is for Our Lord Savior Only,That is what is wrong with this world now,Peace is hard to find with People Throwing stones when they Dont even know me...Never judge somebody by the songs they sing ...Not everything I sing would be Necessarily my Life...that is the silliest thing Ive ever heard of Truly...My daddy was a Musician Lead singer & Guitar Player for many years and Nobody ever judged him for his songs...which alot of them were NOT HIS LIFE~