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SweetDee's real name is Delilah De Leo. Delilah is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 3, 2011. Delilah has a total of 739 public recordings that have been viewed 85,273 times and 150 achievement points.

Information Written by SweetDee 29

Born in the Philippines. Immigrated to USA in the 1984.
Loves to sing, dance, and play musical instruments. Former singer/dramatist/radio personality in the Philippines. Educated in the Philippines and USA. Teaches piano, violin, guitar, and voice to children and adult since 1986 to present.

Music has been my passion since I was 3 years old. I thank God for the gift of music. Such gift has to be shared to many to appreciate it's beauty. Music is the language of one's soul. Without music is like living in a planet without air.

I commend and proud of all the singers in SingSnap for their love of singing and expressing themselves in their own uniqueness and several reasons, such as music therapy, stress reliever, praising God..the list goes on. To top it all, unites everyone and build friendship.

I thank those who view, comment, and rate my recordings I will try my very best to visit your studios also.

Positive outlook:
* If only one person will view, comment, and rate our recordings, and we put a smile on that person's face, that's a winner. We touched someone, we made a difference.

*If no one will view, comment, or rate our recordings, there is that one person we are pleasing...'OURSELVES' and the good news, another audience and silent listener UP THERE is smiling and being pleased 'GOD', that's a grammy award!

I enjoy singing and listening here in SS, but above all, I enjoy meeting wonderful people and gaining friendship.


Musically yours,

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