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swankivy's Profile Page


swankivy is 43 years old, is located in Florida / USA and has been a SingSnap member since October 10, 2009. She has a total of 504 public recordings that have been viewed 279,460 times and 228 achievement points.

Hello! I'm a novelist and nonfiction author, a prolific doodler with a weekly webcomic and a monthly comic strip, and a frequent warbler. I've finished ten novels and many short stories, I have sold one book and several short stories to publishers, and I like to play tennis and Dance Dance Revolution.

A couple people suggested I provide some contact info for interested parties, so here is a link to my personal website, It contains a ton of writing, drawings, photos, and yes, more singing there. My pro author site is here.

I also post occasional songs on YouTube, though most of my stuff there is not music! Perhaps you'd like to watch my silly six-part harmony video where my six voice parts argue with each other about who is the most important, and then they sing an a cappella song for you. It's pretty hilarious to watch if you have ever been in a chorus and are familiar with the good-natured in-fighting amongst voice parts!

Thanks to everyone for such nice compliments on my performances!I really appreciate it!