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steelyjanLEVEL 79


Back after a long absence. Still cannot record, songs won`t sync to lyrics

steelyjan is located in Florida / USA and has been a SingSnap member since July 9, 2009. She has a total of 1,285 public recordings that have been viewed 82,978 times and 507 achievement points.

My name is Janice. I am married to a retired Navy veteran who served our Country as a Helicopter Pilot. I enjoyed being a Navy wife and love and support our troops. We just celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary by re-newing our vows on the Beach. I am the mother of three grown children, one daughter, and two sons and we have five fantastic grandchildren, one girl and four boys, ranging from six years old to age 15. I was born and grew up in the Carolina Mountains, but have lived in Florida for a long time and love it here. I have lost most of my Southern accent over the years but it still sneaks in all along, especially if I am singing a Country song.
I love animals and have owned many exotic pets over the years including a wolf and before it became illegal to do so, a pet alligator for almost 4 years. As Wally grew and became an escape artist , my neighbors were not thrilled with his visits, so eventually, Wally had to return to the wild. I have greatly reduced the size of my menagerie and for now I have 3 precious Pit Bulls, ages 3, 6 and 10, all are rescues from abusive owners or saved from being bait dogs in Pit Bull fighting rings. They have brought us so much love and joy so now they get to live out their days indoors being loved and spoiled.
I have always been shy about people hearing me sing, so Sing Snap has brought me out of my shell a bit. As I have gotten older, I realize that there is no time like the present to do what we love to do and I love to sing. It lifts my spirits and heals the soul. I survived a heart attack in 2011, in fact, the heart attack began while I was on here recording a song. I love all music genres and pretty much sing all genres, even bravely have done a couple of rap songs. lol No song is safe from me and I love changing the songs a bit to suit my style and make them my own. It is all about having fun, being able to laugh at oneself and just not taking yourself too serious.
Due to health issues, I am not on here as much as I would like to be, but I appreciate listens and I love listening to others sing as well. I do not play the listening game, know, the " I will listen to you if you listen to me"? I listen because I WANT to and I listen to your entire song and always leave a comment. My biggest pet peeve are the copy and paste comments that I sometimes get. If you are kind enough to stop by, know that I appreciate it very much and I will stop by to check out your studio. If you are in a rush, it`s ok not to leave a comment, but it`s pretty tacky to see the same comments in the same exact words on many pages... just not cool. I have met some wonderful people here on Sing Snap and made some super friends. This is a terrific site and I have enjoyed being a member since 2009. I look forward to meeting more people and enjoying your version of some great songs. God Bless and keep singing

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